Kulfi & Amyra Learns Sikander Is About To Die. Little Singer Kulfi 15 May 2023, Monday Pt1: Episode 414


The episode began with Sikander angry over the situation and said, forgive me Kulfi, I have no other option, I know how bad you felt after seeing me here. Oh god why do you do this to me, you told my daughter about me, they are my weakness, lying to them is the hardest thing for me, you can try as much as you want, I won’t give up.

Kulfi rushed to Raju thinking Raju was with Sikander in the kidnapping. Raju Mummy asked her, what are you doing here, why aren’t you asleep yet?

Kulfi asked back, where is my baba, have you seen him? Raju replied no I haven’t. Kulfi said, I lost this earring and I found it in the warehouse. Raju became scared and thinks, did Kulfi see Fateh! She asked, did you see anyone? Kulfi replied, there was no one there. Raju went to the warehouse to check if Fateh was there. Kulfi tricked and made him reveal a hint which showed that he was involved too.

Sikander said, I won’t die so soon, I will do everything for my girls, he removed his locket and bracelet representing God and said, we are enemies, I worshipped you, you were my friend but anymore.
Kulfi said, I know about Fateh, why are you two doing this, you are a good man like my father, why are you two doing this, when did you decide to do this? Raju said, we didn’t plan for all this, it just happened, it was all out of anger, we didn’t plan any of it.

Kulfi asked, then why is baba troubling him and not allowing him to go? Raju replied, your father is helpless, he is doing this for all for our good, you won’t understand it. Kulfi said, helping us is the secondary reason, there is surely some other motive. Raju said, I had the same thought.

Sikander said, I don’t want to die before I set my girls future and happiness, if for that I need to be bad then I will and he wore his mask. Amyra rushed to Kulfi with medicine powder and said, I found this in dads pocket, we never saw it. Kulfi then remembered Sikander always drinking water from a bottle and Raji remembered Sikander telling him about setting the girls future.

Raju brought a doctor. Jimmy was upset with the police for not locating the kidnapper, he then got a call from the kidnapper and asked him to do the job he was asked to or else his son will not be alive and he must not waste time with the police in trying to trace the call.

Everyone at the chawl gathered, the doctor then told them about the medicines. Amyra and Kulfi collapsed. Jimmy checked other Sikander’s recordings and the kidnapping call and said, he can change voice but not the way he talks, it’s surely Sikander. Himmat said, how could Sikander hide such a big thing and asked the doctor if there is any way out? The Doc replied, there is no guarantee, Amyra panicked and fainted again.

Precap: Kulfi saw Sikander on a call with Jimmy. Jimmy said, I will return everyone’s money, you are Sikander, right?…Read more

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