Nimrat Appears To Sittu. Little Singer Kulfi 15 November 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 159


The episode started with Tevar praising kulfi for her preparation, kulfi said i have a request i want to go see mama in chiroli, Tevar said sure, Sikander heard it and said this can’t happen,kulfi said tomorrow.

Tevar said we need to prepare for exams,kulfi said i can’t wait anymore, Tevar said okay once you are admitted to school we will go and even sta, kulfi said okay deal. Sikander said good, i have time to talk to kulfi and convince her,kulfi thinks God please help me work hard so i can go see baba.

Lovely said why does kulfi want to go to chiroli, what are these 4 upto,let me talk to Amyra. Lovely asked Amyra what’s going, Amyra said helping kulfi, lovely said you really want kulfi to be with you,what if she gets ahead of you,wont you feel bad, Amyra said i will but she is my friend, participation in matters, kulfi’s mom was so right, lovely said Amyra, you find kulfis mom better than me? okay i got it and left. Amyra said she is acting so weird these days.

Setu was thinking about kulfi, Sikander and Tevar and was troubled because he lied. He imagined Nimrat talking to him, she said what did you do,you handed my kulfi to someone else,i waited my whole life for Sikander but you did this,he said he married to someone else and has a kid too,she said but kulfi has a right to know who her father is and then it’s her decision whether to forgive him or not and left, setu said stop nimart, Nihalo walked in and said it’s me.

Amyra was helping kulfi prepare for the entrance exams and said choose a topic and i will ask questions, dad and Tevar will give you points and you two no cheating and helping her. Kulfi said fruits,Amyra asked her to name all the fruits, Tevar tried to help kulfi and Amyra scolded him, Amyra asked her to name colours, kulfi thinks Sikander sir did tell me but she forgot orange.

Setu was handed Prasad, he read a news in it about Sikander, Amyra and kulfi and said why this god,was kulfi really happy with Sikander and did i do something wrong. Bholi saw kulfis pic, Nihalo heard her and asked whose pic, bholi said no, i said nothing, setu said enough of you, stay away, Nihalo said i was just asking what’s the matter, setu ignored her and left with bholi. Nihalo said something is really fishy,let me talk to cutie.

Tevar tried to cheer kulfi but she felt bad, kulfi said I am forgetting and thinks, that’s not good, I want to meet mama, this can’t happen to me and run away.
Cutie got a call from Nihalo and said i paid you, why call me, Nihalo said i know but called to know how my daughter kulfi doing,where is she, cutie said if you want money keep away from her.

Gunjan was starring at Cutie, cutie thinks, God I hope she hasn’t heard anything and even if she did, she can’t say a word and left.

Kulfi was studying with her room locked, Tevar knocked the door and asked her to come out and have something, kulfi said let me study, until i learn everything, i won’t come out, Tevar said God she is stressed a lot. Tevar told Sikander about kulfi’s stress and how kulfi was demotivated by Lovely. Sikander said why do you think about lovely, just think about kulfi.

Pre cap : Sikander talked to kulfi and said stop stressing, your mama will also say your father is not good, kulfi said then why was he getting me to Mumbai to see him…Read more

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