Kulfi Saves Sikander’s Mother. Little Singer Kulfi 15 September 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 78


The episode started with Kulfi walking to Sikander,she rested his legs on the table, removed his shoes and remembered the time spent with him,she applied haldi to his legs,took imprint of it on a paper.

took blessings and said i am going away from you but this will keep me near you, i can’t let anything come before Amyra’s happiness, she was in tears, she placed the paper in her bag and left.

Dadi, was feeling pain in her shoulder,she tried calling Mahinder, she heard the lift beep and walked out thinking it was Mahinder,she then saw Kulfi going and said God where is she going alone so late.

It was late night and Kilfi was scared walking alone on the road,Dadi followed her and tried calling her but the pain made it impossible for her to walk,Kulfi said ma what should i do,she saw Dadi faint and run to her.

she remembered how Nimrat left her and said Dadi please don’t sleep, She started asking for help on the road and said God you are so cruel, can’t you help a kid? There thunder started striking, Kulfi said thunder stop striking and laughing at me, Dadi kept calling Kulfi.

Kulfi run to a vendor and said help my Dadi,they placed dadi on a cart and he said even i don’t know where a hospital is, i am also new too, let go and find one,Kulfi said, look there is a hospital.

Kulfi by mistake took her to veterinary hospital and she was denied, she said i, don’t know what to do,i don’t know where another hospital is, if you can cure animal’s then why not her,he said ok i shall try.

The Doctor examined dadi and said i am not able to find out what’s wrong,Kulfi said do something, she feels pain in her shoulder, The Doctor asked when did she say that,Kulfi said long ago,back in house, the Doctor said, these are heart attack symptoms and injected dadi,Kulfi said.

God you took my ma away not my Dadi, the Doctor said it’s too late i guess,Kulfi said Dadi please wake up,she then said look she moved her fingers,the Doctor said keep talking, it helping her, Kulfi kept talking and Dadi slowly opened her eyes.

Kulfi said don’t worry Dadi, you are fine,the Doctor said she is weak, you saved your dadi,she needs rest. The Doctor then asked Kulfi, where are your parents,Kulfi said my mother’s a star now and dad i don’t know, she is Amyra’s dadi.The Doctor took a number from dadis mobile and called .

Sikander and the others arrive at hospital and Kulfi left, Sikander followed her and stopped her, he then apologized to her,Kulfi said you are my guru, don’t do this,i am sorry i let you down,i am a bad student, Sikander said you gave me my ma back.

Lovely and Mahinder arrived there too, Sikander said you are always selfless,you have done a lot for Amyra and me and i can never return it to you,Kulfi said i did nothing i just did what my ma always asked me to, just look after dadi, she kept saying she is pain but no one looked after her.

most people are not lucky to have a ma, please forgive Lovely maam and Amyra,she is a mother, she did this for Amyra happiness please understand her,

Sikander said you are my fan when it comes to music but i am yours now and hugged her.

Precap: Kulfi took her mothers diary to Sikander and asked for help…Read more

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