Amyra Puts Kulfi Into Trouble. Little Singer Kulfi 16 August 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 34



The episode started with Kulfi saying, if someone sees me,they will inform the security and then he will hit me,kulfi then went to hide beneath a trolly,she saw Sikander but didn’t recognise him and said may be he is the king of this palace.

the trolley was dragged to Amyra’s room,kulfi saw Amyra walking,she found her footwear weird and laughed. Amyra heard it but ignored.

Kulfi got out of trolly and hid behind the chairs. Amyra joined everyone for breakfast,she then asked, what book is this,Sikander said it’s your gift,Amyra said I remember dadi gifting this to me as well.

Sikander said this are all the songs your uncle taught me,you know it’s easy to be a superstar and with this diary and your uncle made me the star I am now, I want to teach you all that I have learnt,Amyra said let me post it on the Internet,Sikander said later, first remember this is a treasure and you guard it with your life, this is very close to me never loose this.

Kulfi said to Jonny, that bag has my mothers memories,I hope you understand now, please give me my bag please,Jonny run away and she followed it.

Lovely dropped her lenses and kulfi entered her room but became scared,lovely mistook her to be Amyra and said baby give me the blue cap bottle and Jonny pushed it ahead,kulfi handed it to her, run away and hid behind the window.

Kulfi was very hungry,she again saw the fancy footwear and said why does everyone wear such footwear here, I am so hungry,Jonny went to the dining hall and got toast from Amyra,kulfi was praying, God please give me food,Jonny walked to kulfi,kulfi said thank you and shared it with Jonny and said you must be hungry too.

Jonny went back to Amyra, got another toast and left. Sikander said Amyra, how quickly can you get ready so we practice,lovely walked to Amyra said let’s have breakfast,Amyra said I am done,i will get ready then we practice with dada,lovely said don’t forget you have dance classes in an hour.

Kulfi was looking for her bag in Amyra’s room,she entered her wardrobe and was in awe with her dresses,kulfi said Jonny please return my bag,she heard footsteps and hid. Sikander and Amyra then entered the room.

Sikander said Amyra, first always take blessings of this book. kulfi then said, enough I can’t hide anymore I will go tell everyone and heard Sikander singing.
She said this voice is similar to sikander gill.

She started acquiring the knowledge and Amyra started getting bored,Sikander was In tears while singing,kulfi said why did he stop,Sikander said, now Amyra learn all the lyrics and then we shall sing together and left,kulfi saw Amyra and said she looks my age, may be she will understand my pain, let me talk to her.

Amyra in the bath tub taking selfie with the book,she spilled water over it while playing,kulfi saw it and run to her saying oh no, look at that,Amyra became scared and dropped the book inside the tub,Sikander called Amyra and she said oh no dada,kulfi said don’t worry.

I will help you and bent to get the book but Amyra pushed her,Sikander rushed and asked what’s wrong,he saw the pages all wet and said oh what did you do,kulfi got out of the tub and Sikander became scared.

She got out of the tub and walked to Sikander shivering,Amyra said she tore the book and threw it in the tub,Sikander jumped into the tub and said my songs ,kulfi got in with him,Sikander then looked at her in anger and asked who are you and how did you enter my house.

Everyone was scolding kulfi,lovely said no don’t call the watchmen,call the police right away…Read more