Sikander Confronts Kulfi. Little Singer Kulfi 16 August 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 35



The episode started with Lovely asking, who is this boy,Sikander said say something, who are you and how did you enter here,kulfi said magical door,cutie said I know you are here for theft,dadi said call the watchmen,lovely said call the police.

kulfi said no, no I was here for….. Amyra said he was here for robbery and he tore your book,kulfi said I didn’t, I can’t even read and my ma said you should respect books and so I do. The security entered and said you!

The Security said, how did you enter here smart boy,kulfi said the dog came down and then…. lovely then said enough, call the police. kulfi said I’m not a thief, I am kulfi,Sikander said enough you entered my house without permission, the servant walked in and said he is my grand son.

Mahinder said, why didn’t you tell us yesterday,he said you all were asleep last night so I couldn’t. kulfi thinks, he was first trying to put me in a sack but….. She said I am not a thief Sikander sir, let me tell you what happened.

Amyra interrupted and said he is liar, the servant said my grandson doesn’t lie,lovely said, you are calling my Amyra a liar? Gunjan said enough,Amyra tell us howthe book reach bath tub. Amyra said actually aunty said I should not take a book to the bath tub and so I kept on the table.

Kulfi said, you should never lie,if you lie then you can never sing. Gunjan walked to Amyra. Gunjan said Sikander she is kid please forgive her, I saw Amyra take the book to the bath tub, Amyra said no aunty you don’t know.

Gunjan said honey, I saw you do so. Sikander said Amyra you lied,you lied to your dada, who taught you that,cutie said she is a kid,Sikander said mistake, I understand but she lied and tried blaming an innocent person and so right now apologies to him.

Amyra said but dada,lovely said my daughter won’t do any of such thing,Sikander said she is my daughter too and Amyra come on,you made a mistake, you have to apologise. Lovely said enough of this drama,Sikander said Amyra say sorry right now come on, Amyra was in tears, she walked to kulfi, said sorry and left.

Mahinder said she apologised to the kid,kulfi said Sikander sir I want to….. but lovely took him away and the Servant also took kulfi away. kulfi then fought with him and said you are so bad,he said I was saving you from TC,kulfi said ok and my bag,that dog took it away.

he asked where is your Baba. kulfi said I have to find out everything about him, I know nothing,he asked, tell me about your mother,kulfi said I know but can’t tell,he said do you know anything,kulfi said please.

help me find my bag and then I will ask Sikander,my ma said he is a super star like Sikander sir so let me talk to him once,he said, he is busy for now get ready then we will find.

Lovely said Sikander you insulted Amyra,Sikander said I am teaching my daughter culture,lovely said yes you have all of them,Sikander said enough she is our daughter,not for me but for my daughter give me a chance and lovely got a message.

Lovely said, sikander I will give you a chance,minti is throwing a party and you have to accompany me,Sikander said you know I feel lonely,lovely said they made me feel lonely saying you will leave me so come with and they will be shut,Sikander said it’s weird that the world is different,lovely said you want to fit right,so come with me or else all this you do is just a drama.

Kulfi said Jonny please give me my bag,Jonny run, kulfi and nanu (the servant) followed him, kulfi said come on tell me where it is,Jonny then took them to the music room,kulfi saw the instruments and tried her hand on the piano,Sikander heard that and walked to the music room.

Nanu said it’s for Sikander,kulfi said he makes music on this? She saw a guitar and said it’s the instrument he always plays, I have seen it before, Nanu said it’s a guitar,now forget all this and find your bag,kulfi tried her hand over the tabla,Sikander then walked in and asked what nonsense is this.

Precap :
Nanu said sorry sikander sir but kulfi has no place to leave, if you allow, can he stay here for sometime and Sikander looked at kulfis face….Read more