Kulfi Regains Her Voice. Little Singer Kulfi 16 February 2023, Thursday Pt2: Episode 292


The episode started with Harsh inviting benam group on stage and said kulfi unable to sing but we hope, so Sikander her guru has requested to let her perform, let’s welcome them both on stage, kulfi was scared and walked on stage with her friends, pandit said how will her voice come now, it hasn’t till now, Udit and Usha said we shouldn’t lose hope, music has lot of power, all the best. Amyra thinks, I am praying that kulfi, you never be able to sing. Mia said falana take position and no mistakes, falana said yes ma’am.

Sikander began the performance, Kulfi was in tears as she is unable to sing, Sikander made her the touch mic while he was singing to take away her fear, Kulfi made an attempt to sing but failed, Amyra thinks no voice no performance, dirty girl out of the competition and our lives. Sikander walked to the centre of stage, while performing.

falana started realising the chandelier, Kulfi saw it falling over Sikander and shouted no and pulled Sikander back and everyone was in shock. kulfi asked Sikander if he is fine, Sikanderwas happy to see Kulfi talk, her friends and Mia were happy too, Sikander said keep talking Kulfi, keep talking, Bebe and Mohendar were very happy.

Mia said guys, heroine is back, this calls for a party, Sikander said kulfi just sing, lovely and the audience and Akash cheered for kulfi, Kulfi begam her performance and was very happy, Amyra was in tears, Sikander joined kulfi to sing, everyone applauded for kulfi and she hugged Sikander, harsh said well done, let’s take the judges review, Usha and Udit walked to Kulfi and congratulated her and Kulfi takes their blessings.

Panditji said I am happy Kulfi has her voice back, best wishes to her. Kulfi was scored 24 by the judges and Amyra was very upset. Akash was on top followed by the benam group and then Amyra. Amyra was in tears. Sikander thanked god, Amyra and kulfi both were in top 4.

Amyra gave kulfi cold looks, Sikander said Amyra you are in top 4, congratulations. Harsh said next round, contestants will have to sing styles different from theirs and we will have top two, Sikander started thinking what if Kulfi and Amyra are in top 2.

Benam group celebrated their win and kulfi’s voice, Sikander saw kulfi happy, Kulfi said I was missing my voice so much and kept talking, rocket said kulfi breath, kulfi danced and enjoyed herself, Sikander was happy to see her happy. Kulfi and Sikander looked at each other, Sikander held her hand, Amyra held his hand and stepped in between, Kulfi was in tears and felt bad.

Precap : Kulfi rapped in the semi finale and forgot her song. Harsh said our first finalist is Akash…Read more

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