Sikander’s Life In Danger. Little Singer Kulfi 16 March 2023, Thursday Pt1: Episode 331

In episode 331 of Little Singer Kulfi, Bhola is seen bonding with Kulfi while Abhay and his friends play loud guitar. However, Bhola leaves the moment and calls Kulfi a witch once again. Chandan asks Amyra to find out why Lovely went to the music school. Lovely tells Amyra to go to her room, but she refuses. Chandan then tells Amyra to go and talk to her mother. Meanwhile, Kulfi yells at Abhay and his friends for teasing Bhola. Vikram walks in and Kulfi pleads with him to ask the boys to stop bothering Bhola. Vikram promises to handle the situation.

Chandan tells Lovely that he offered her a partnership to live peacefully, not to play tricks. If she continues to play tricks, he threatens to call the CBI. Lovely says she doesn’t care and doesn’t want to look for her husband. Chandan starts laughing and says he has a surprise for her. He calls Amyra and tells her they should go on a road trip because of the good weather. Lovely says she wants to stay home.

Vikram scolds Abhay and his friends for ragging Bhola and reminds them of an incident when he was a student and got scolded for dumping a kid in a well. Kulfi tries to comfort Bhola, who is upset and misses his family and friends. Bhola yells at her to stay away. Kulfi warns Bhola not to trust Abhay and his friends, who are planning to trouble him.

Meanwhile, Lovely tells Nandini that Sikander’s life is in danger, but Nandini doesn’t read the message. Chandan plots to find Sikander in the school, and Lovely tries to make him reveal the truth during their dinner on the balcony. However, Chandan sees through her plan and warns her not to act smart in front of him.

In the music class, Bhola hides from Kulfi, who watches him closely. Abhay asks Kulfi to let Bhola sing, and he sings teasing Kulfi. Kulfi whispers to Bhola to be alert because Abhay and his friends plan to trouble him. Chandan’s plot involves asking Bhola to stand near the well and make a wish for his daughter. He then pushes him into the well. Kulfi tries to help Bhola. The episode ends with a precap of Chandan’s plot to harm Bhola…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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