Finally, Sikander Remembers Kulfi. Little Singer Kulfi 16 March 2023, Thursday Pt2: Episode 332

In episode 332 of Little Singer Kulfi, the young protagonist searches for Bhola and comes across Abhay and his friends troubling other children. Kulfi confronts Abhay and asks about Bhola’s whereabouts, but Abhay claims that Bhola is not with them. Meanwhile, Bhola is with Shanti near a well, and she tells him to ask for his wish, which he does by praying to God to take him to his daughter.

Kulfi continues her search for Bhola and eventually finds him near the well with Shanti. However, Shanti plans to push Bhola into the well to kill him. Kulfi manages to push Shanti away, but in the process, Bhola slips into the well. Kulfi holds onto Bhola’s hand, and he is eventually able to climb out of the well, and they share a heartwarming moment.

Later, Shanti hits Bhola on the head, causing him to faint. Kulfi tries to protect Bhola, but Shanti threatens to harm her family. Meanwhile, Chandan and Lovely discuss their plan to take Sikander’s place, and Lovely manages to sneakily take a recording device from Chandan’s hand. She uses it to call the police station and report Chandan’s illegal activities.

As Sikander and Kulfi bond, Sikander remembers the accident that caused him to lose his memory. He also remembers Shanti’s words about Chandan taking his place. Despite this, Sikander assures Kulfi that they will be able to overcome any obstacle as long as they stick together.

In the pre-cap, Lovely tells Kulfi that she has proof that can help bring Sikander home…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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