Kulfi Saves Granny’s Life. Little Singer Kulfi 16 September 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 79


The episode started with Dadi being brought home,Amyra run to Kulfi and hugged her and they all were surprised,Amyra said thank you for saving my dadi,Lovely thinks why is she being so sweet to Kulfi, may be because she sang.

Amyra said don’t ever do that again and leave without informing, Sikander walked to them and said Amyra dadi and Kulfi are back, all is good now, he hugged them and said nothing will be bad now.

Kulfi was in her room going through her mothers book and said may be this has my dads information.Lovely said Sikander you aren’t wrong, i know what i did is wrong but my Amyra is my priority and will do anything for her.

i know you love her too but not as much as i do, i can’t see tears in her eyes and if something is wrong i may take it, Sikander said i get it but can’t get along with it, we need to get along with it,lets try and understand this point of each other,they both held hands and hugged each other.

Mahinder walked to them and said Sikander do you know Tevar the new singer, Lovely remembered her dad talking about replacing Tevar with Sikander, Mahinder said Tevar has sang instead of you in Kapoors film.Sikander said why wasn’t i informed.

Mahinder said it’s been released and he is famous too, Sikander said it’s alright, it had to go,i am just worried about ma,she is worried about something, did she talk to you,Mahinder said no and looked at Lovely and thinks we wish we could tell you we are worried about Kulfi your daughter.

Amyra was dancing on a song, Sikander woke up and said this will wake up ma,Kulfi was also looking for who it was,she saw Sikander and they both walked to Amyra’s room and saw her dancing and started smiling,Amyra said dad said this is the new singers song Tevar and i love it.

Kulfi said what kind of song it is,Amyra said it’s rapping, Dad do you like me singing it, Sikander said yes, Amyra said dad it’s so cool you try it too, Sikander said yes i will but your Dadi is asleep, so use headphones.

Amyra was with her friends and discussed about Kulfi as her torcher and said he is trying to take my place in this house, he has to leave this house and never return,her friends said, don’t worry we will help,Amyra said we have to be quick, i can’t act anymore as his friend.

Sikandar was near Dadi,Dadi called Kulfi close and pulled her ears,Kulfi said it’s painful, don’t leave me,Dadi asked, tell me where were you going, leaving your Dadi, Sikander said it was my fault, i scolded him.

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