Amyra Plots Against Kulfi. Little Singer Kulfi 17 August 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 36



Sikander said, jagira you know I don’t like anyone in my music room,he said sorry sir actually I was here looking for you,kulfi has no one and has no place to live if you allow, can he stay here,Sikander looked at her and said okay but he isn’t allowed in this room without permission.

Amyra broke a vase and my life is over, I was made to apologise to that low grade boy,cutie didn’t you see that boy when dada took his side,cutie said Amyra we have to win over him without even him noticing.

make friends with him and then trap him,dada scolded you because you spiked his book, now make friends with that boy and make him ruin Dada’s most loved thing and you will be done. Amyra then said you are the best.

Sikander was with lovely at the party,lovely flaunted a ring and said it’s a sorry gift by Sikander,Sikander was feeling lonely and left out,Sikander looked at lovelys fakeness and was hurt.

Pritesh the music critic walked to Sikander and said hi nice to meet you and I have a suggestion, you have good work,you need new,something more of youth and left .

Minti walked to Sikander and said please sing for us,Sikander said I don’t feel like,lovely said not for her but for me at least come on. Kulfi was in tears in the balcony said ma I lost your things, I am sorry,I think it’s in the music room, it’s the only room left, Amyra walked to kulfi with chocolate,kulfi asked what is a chocolate?

Amyra thinks, she doesn’t know what chocolate is, how will i talk to her, Amyra said ok come on, open and see. kulfi opened and said it smells so wet, is it sweet? Amyra said my mood was off in the morning,so what’s your name,kulfi said kulfi.

Amyra then said no kulfi, I have ice cream. kulfi said my name is kulfi and you are,she said Amyra but kulfi didn’t get her name. Amyra said no worries, what are you looking for?

kulfi said I lost some of my things and I think it’s in the music room but Sikander sir has asked me not to go in. Amyra said but I am allowed, come with me. She placed her hand forward and wokr her along with her.

Sikander played his guitar and sung song. lovely and his friends were busy laughing over a man. Sikander finished his song and was surprised at lovely’s behaviour,lovely said oh the song is over,everyone a big round of applause for my husband.

Amyra and kulfi were in the music room, Amyra then poured water in a glass and said check shelf,kulfi said he is dog not a monkey, Amyra said He is my dog I know, do a thing climb on this piano and check.

kulfi said my mother used to say, music has Saraswati in it so I can’t step on it. Amyra said see, I am just helping you,if you don’t want it’s fine, I thought your bag is important for you, it’s your mothers right.

Pritesh said now Sikander one item song please, it’s a request,Sikander said I don’t sing such songs,minti said we aren’t asking you to sing in your album, it’s just in my party,lovely said come on why drama,Sikander said lovely come on don’t do this, you know I don’t sing such songs.

lovely said don’t embarrass me and was leaving,Pritesh said, look you are star because of people like us,Sikander walked to him and said my singing made me a star not you, I won’t let my guru and music be insulted like this and he left. lovely broke her glass in anger.

Kulfi climbed up the piano and Amyra placed a glass behind kulfis leg and left. She said now when she turn, the water will spill over the piano and dada will scold him.

Kulfi turned,the water was about to spill and Sikander held the glass.

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Sikander scolding kulfi and said, I told you not to enter, so why did you,kulfi was in tears, Amyra was standing out and watching said now that dirty boy will be thrown out…Read more