Kulfi Storms Sikander’s Music Room. Little Singer Kulfi 17 August 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 37



The episode started with Kulfi turning around,the water was about to spill on the piano table, Sikander held the glass and looked at kulfi in anger. kulfi then jumped off the table,amyra then hid and watched.

Sikander said, didn’t I ask you not to do this is my music and not play here,music is my life,if you don’t respect me atleast respect music,goddess Saraswati resides in it, who are you and with whose permission did you enter this room,.

kulfi said Sikander sir ….. Sikanderd moved her aside, cleaned the table and said music isn’t a joke,you need to worship and you playing with it,goddess Saraswati doesn’t bless you if you misbehave.

kulfi said I was just looking for my bag,Sikander said this room is a temple for me leave and kulfi run. Sikander remembered the party scene and said no one understands music,they just make a joke out of it.

Kulfi got to her room crying,she prayed, I am sorry God, I made a huge mistake I shall never do so,don’t punish Sikander sir,punish me not him,she looked at the star and said ma you are closer to God right, if my prayers take time to reach you please go and talk to goddess Saraswati.

Jagira walked to kulfi and said why are you crying, don’t be scared my face is scary I am just worried,kulfi said I don’t want to stay here, take me to the station, my mama must be there looking for me,he asked what’s wrong.

Amyra and cutie were dancing, Amyra said I wish I would have taken my phone and recorded his reaction it was fun,cutie said you happy right, Amyra said happiest and making another plan to trap him, it’s fun to trap these villagers,cutie said correct, come on let’s celebrate.

Jagira said why did you go when he denied you, kulfi said I know it was my mistake,my mama never scolded kids instead saved kids from Mami, Sikander sir isn’t a bad person and he just must have passed someone’s anger on you.

tell me did you have anything,kulfi said Jonny got food in the morning after that nothing,he said you don’t have to wait for Jonny tell me when you are hungry.

Sikander was thinking about him and Nimrat,Sikander was singing and Nimrat around doing household,he started helping her and Nimrat joined him in singing,Sikander teased her, got close to her and hugged her,Sikander asked why do you do all this for me.

Nimrat said wives do this for husband,he said they do something else too,Nimrat said oh no,Sikander said then how will we have a little princess,she said I want a prince so that he will be a star singer like you,Sikander said a girl can be a star too.

Sikander smiled and looked at Amyra’s pic and hugged the picture,lovely walked to him and said again you insulted me,I wanted a perfect picture but you again created a scandle,Sikander look at me when I talk to you but Sikander was smiling.

lovely said I am saying something important and look at you,Sikander said look at Amyra, she is a picture and she can be a perfect picture only when she will be our daughter and not just yours, come here.

Kulfi said to jagira but Mami said we shouldn’t eat free food from anyone,then how can I take from you,he said take it as a loan and repay me when I will be in need, now have it come on.

kulfi remembered Mama’s words and said Nano, I will introduce you to my mama, my dada will love me a lot and will take me to school too.

Sikander said lovely come on, close your eyes and imagine,time has past,we were together smiling and we are smiling because we are going for Amyra’s first concert, everyone taking pics of us and we are introduced as Amyra’s parents and everywhere it’s Amyra,lovely imagined all these things,she opened her eyes and said is this your dream,Sikander said yes this is my dream, lovely and I can’t do this without you.

Kulfi met Jonny and sat beside him,she saw lovely and Sikander together and said if my ma and Baba are together, they would even look so pretty together,kulfi was about to go but Sikander stopped her remembering jagiras words and said ok I will talk to you tomorrow, I have to think of something to say sorry.

Kulfi was with jagira, they were making something. jagira asked what are you doing,kulfi said it’s a way to say sorry,and then we will ask about my father,the servant walked to him,he scared them and they moved away,kulfi said why scare us.

why didn’t you tell them I am making this for Sikander sir,jagira said they are Amyra’s personal detectives her left and right,kulfi said oh she changed their name that’s bad,he said forget that, make your thing quickly.

kulfi made goddess Saraswati out of veggies and said once Sikander sir opens the cover his anger will vanish.
Sikander looked at it and said who made it,kulfi was about to say I did but Amyra walked to him and said me…Read more