Little Singer Kulfi 17 January 2023, Monday Pt1: Episode 245


The epsisode started with Kulfi saying to billo, don’t worry, you will have to make new friends and she introduced her to guard and said please take care of her and left. Sikander was talking to Kumar and he read poem to her,he said, Sikander you write so well, Sikander thinks of Nimrat and said I wrote it for someone special, and completed it, he thinks of kulfi in place of Nimrat while completing it.

he asked himself, why did I think of kulfi, Nimrat said because she is your daughter, Sikander thinks, how will I live without her, Kumar narrated a poem and said it’s incomplete, I don’t know who wrote it, Sikander said I did it, I wrote it for my first love, Kumar said then I have something for you and handed him Nimrat’s diary, Sikander was surprised.

Kulfi broke her piggy bank and handed the money to the guard and said I am going from here, here’s the money for her, take care of her, she started crying said I will come back, take care of yourself and don’t forget me. Kumar said it was fate to see you, my manager found it on the road. ( lovely lit the diary on fire and left.

Nimrat wws near by crying, she placed of the fire, and saved the diary,she heard the manager talking about Kumar Sanu visiting Sikander and diverted his attention to diary, he then handed the diary to Kumar)

Kumar Sanu got a call and said I have to leave for recording, Sikander was excited about the diary and thanked Kumar, he said my Nimrat is no more, how is this possible, Kumar said it’s fate, it was all by god’s grace and I was just a way chosen by him. Sikander thanked him hugged him, Nimrat said we are all thankful to you, may god give you happiness.

Sikander started going through the diary, he read Nimrat narrating how she is lucky to have him and started crying, Nimrat said calm down, ready ahead, sikander continued and broke down reading how broken nimrat was to see him leave, Sikander said I am sorry nimi, Nimrat wrote, I wish I could tell you, you are leaving but gave me a reason to live, our daughter.

Sikander was in shock to know that he has a daughter with Nimrat, lovely walked in and was shocked to see the diary in his hand, Nimrat saw lovely, lovely slowly walked to sikander and said Sikander, Sikander was in shock, he left with the diary and locked himself, Lovely kept asking what’s wrong, Sikander said my daughter from Nimrat and lovely left.

Sikander thinks, where must my daughter be and who she might be staying with. Lovely said Amyra your dad found the diary, I am very scared, Amyra started crying and said what now,he will leave me, Lovely said never just remember you knew nothing, Amyra said I am scared, Lovely said you are his princess.

don’t be scared we will win, we will keep trying. Sikander read, Nimrat wrote, why did you leave me, I am so scared without you, what will I tell my family and society, you still aren’t here but your daughter is, I wish you would be here to hold her, she is just like you, please come soon and see her.

I have her but people keep questioning her, how will I protect her, come back, Nimrat said one more page and you will find out it Kulfi, Kulfi walked in and asked what’s wrong, Sikander asked her to sit beside him and he showed her the diary.

Pre cap: Sikander was about to turn the page…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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