Finally, Kulfi Brings Sikander Back Home. Little Singer Kulfi 17 March 2023, Friday Pt1: Episode 333

In episode 333 of Little Singer Kulfi, she asks Sikandar if she looks like his daughter, to which he responds with doubt. Kulfi then questions why he won’t take her home if he considers her a friend. She is wary of the possibility of a duplicate, who might cause harm. Lovely calls Kulfi with proofs to get Sikandar home and has also called the police. Kulfi decides to leave with Bhola, and they encounter Nandini and Pakhi before leaving the music camp.

Pakhi insults Kulfi, calling her a witch, but Nandini defends her. Pakhi accuses Kulfi of kidnapping her father, but Kulfi reveals the truth that Sikandar is her father, not Pakhi’s. Kulfi pleads with Nandini to let her go, but Pakhi tries to stop her. However, Nandini intervenes and allows Kulfi to leave.

Kulfi and Sikandar are on their way home when Chandan kidnaps Amyra. Lovely sees them coming and hugs Chandan, pretending that he is her husband. Chandan asks Kulfi who the person with her is, and Lovely tries to deceive him by saying that Sikandar will save them. However, Chandan catches on and threatens Lovely by saying that he will kill Amyra if she doesn’t comply.

Lovely signals Sikandar that she needs to tell him something, and he understands the situation. He pretends to be Bhola because he knows that his family is in danger. Sikandar asks Kulfi about her little sister, and she realizes that he knows about Amyra. Chandan pretends to cry and accuses Amyra of betraying him.

The police arrive, and Lovely tries to cover up the situation as a misunderstanding. She asks Kulfi to take Sikandar away from the scene. Sikandar decides to pretend to be Bhola to deal with Chandan. Kulfi runs to him and hugs him, saying that she knows he is Sikandar. Sikandar finally admits that he is her father, and Kulfi is overjoyed to have him back…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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