Finally, Kulfi Unites With Her Father. Little Singer Kulfi 17 March 2023, Friday Pt2: Episode 334

In Little Singer Kulfi Episode 334, Kulfi calls out to Sikander, who turns around to face her. Kulfi approaches him and asks if he remembers everything she told him, except for the fact that she has a sister. Sikander tearfully confesses that he is her Baba, not Sikander. Overjoyed, Kulfi hugs him tightly. Sikander apologizes for causing her pain and promises to never leave her side.

However, Sikander has not revealed his true identity to everyone because Amyra’s life is in danger. Amyra is crying and pleading for help. Sikander informs Kulfi about Chandan’s dangerous intentions and how he plans to save Amyra. He suggests that they look for hints that Chandan may have left behind and expose his true identity. Sikander also asks Kulfi to lie if necessary, for the sake of Amyra’s safety.

Kulfi overhears Chandan and Gunjan’s conversation and manages to enter the room. Chandan comments on her resemblance to Sikander, and Kulfi apologizes for her behavior earlier. Meanwhile, Lovely receives a call from Sikander, who informs her that Amyra has been kidnapped by Chandan. Sikander instructs Lovely to follow his plan and assures her that Amyra will be safe.

Sikander goes to look for Amyra and encounters Pakya, who thinks he is Bhola. Sikander knocks him out and asks for Amyra’s whereabouts. Pakya denies knowing anything, but agrees to help Sikander find her. Chandan, meanwhile, locks himself in his bedroom, but Kulfi tells Sikander his location.

In the pre-cap, Kulfi gives Sikander updates on Chandan’s movements, and he grows angry…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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