Kulfi’s Father Takes Her Home. Little Singer Kulfi 17 October 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 121


The episode started with Tevar getting kulfi home and showed her the whole place,Kulfi saw a swimming pool said you got a lake,Tevar explained it to her,he took her to her room,Kulfi then asked, uncle whose room is this,Tevar said it yours,Kulfi said in such a huge place, my whole family can sleep here, Tevar said, now call me Baba, not uncle.

Kulfi said I am used to calling you this, so can I call you Tevar sir till I get used to Baba? Tevar said yes you will,Kulfi then asked where’s your music room,Tevar said I make music where ever I feel like,an that house was Sikander and this is ours so there will be changes, he called akad baker and asked them to take care of Kulfi and left.

Sikander made a cake,wrote sorry over it and remembered cooking with Kulfi,Lovely walked to Bebe and bebe said enough, I don’t know how you did it and don’t want to,Amyra and kulfi can’t live in peace so I will support you, now it’s your turn to get Amyra home and get her patched with Sikander.

Kulfi walked to Tevar and asked why isn’t there no photo of my mother in the whole house, if you loved her why did you leave her alone,Tevar said forget the past,Kulfi said you want me to forget my mother, you did too,Tevar thinks, how will I tell her lovely is her mother and he said, I love your mother and just live for her, he thinks about lovely and said kulfi I was away from you, I am sorry, now you will face no hardship and thinks your mother will be back with us soon.

Lovely walked to Sikander and said you are doing something you don’t want to,Sikander wrote K instead of A and said I don’t know how this happened, I did this for Amyra trust me, it’s just little weird and I am getting nothing,Lovely said enough Sikander, kulfi has her father now and now we should think about Amyra, she needs us, Sikander was about to trash the cake but Lovely said mistakes can be corrected and wrote Amyra on it,Sikander then smiled,she said just be with me and all will be fine.

kulfi and Tevar were having lunch,she then looked slowly at Tevar, Tevar asked why hasn’t she served herself food,Kulfi said let the others join,Tevar said this is all yours and just us,Kulfi asked just for me? Tevar said akad bakad gets food from the best of hotels and I have it,Kulfi said but that’s wastage, in Sikander sir’s house……,Tevar said come on serve her food.Kulfi found it too spicy and thinks I don’t know if Sikander sir has eaten anything.

Sikander said Amyra Look I made cake for you,Amyra said you remember you have Amyra because kulfi isn’t here,Lovely said baby we are really sorry,Amyra said I was so scared and so insulted and friends made fun of me too,I don’t want to come back,you said be a good girl and I did that,whatever you said but I will not share my friends and that’s because I love you.

does that make me a bad girl? then I am and started crying.Lovely said I am sorry,Sikander said I know I made a huge mistake,but I will patch up with my princess, you are my love, I am sorry my kid,I let you down,but the love for you is above everything, just give me a chance and fed her the cake.

Tevar walked to Kulfi and asked what’s wrong, Kulfi said Sikander and Amyra,can I see them,Tevar said not now,Kulfi said I wish to talk to Sikander sir please. Lovely said Amyra have one bite for dad and Amyra had it. Tevar called Sikander,Sikander looked at Amyra and walked aside and picked the call,Kulfi said hello,Sikander said yes what happened my child,Amyra dropped the cake and run away,Sikander then cuts the call, Kulfi started crying and said he didn’t even listen to me.

Pre cap :
Tevar said let’s prepare for dahi handi,kulfi said even I want to win,Tevar said your papa will win for you,Amyra heard that,she then asked Sikander to win dahi handi for her…Read more

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