Kulfi Falls In A Pit, Sings Out For Help. Little Singer Kulfi 18 August 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 39



The episode started with Kulfi saying, why wasn’t I careful,in the village everyone use to come looking for me,but here no one will come for me,no one even knows I have fallen in this pit. Dad went to Sikander’s place,lovely said please come in,dad said look you must have forgotten Sikander but I haven’t,lovely said please come in,it’s for Amyra I need help for her,dad said her grandfather will do anything for Amyra.

lovely said I want you to call Roshan kumar and ask him to give Amyra the offer to sing in his film,dad said can’t you convince your husband to do this little task,lovely said I did but he and his principles and then the birthday incident, dad said we will invite Roshan home and then talk to him, lovely said thank you dad,dad said ok but remember when Roshan is here it will be just our family and not Sikanders and lovely said ok.

Kulfi shouted for help, she said what will I do, no one will come and help,let me sing,she started singing and some two drunk men heard her voice,the drunk men said, we are drunk but still we hear such beautiful voice,kulfi heard them talk and stop,the men said, why did this music stop it was so pleasing,kulfi started singing again and asked for help through her song.

Amyra was singing and started talking to Jonny but he runs away,lovely walked to her and said didn’t I tell you to practice, Amyra said I was,I am just taking a break,lovely said do you have any idea how hard I am working for you,so until I am back I want this song to be ready and better be good. Amyra asked where are you going,lovely said going out with minti and she started practising again.

Someone walking by asked them why play song on the roads,they said it’s coming from this hole,the man then peeped in,kulfi said please help,I fell in this pit while I was running,lovely was passing by but didn’t help and left unaware of the situation.

Water started increasing in the pit,kulfi said help,people started gathering around,a guy came there and said stay there, I will be back soon,lovely called Sikander but he didn’t answer,minti said come on he must be busy recording,just because he had an affair in the past doesn’t mean you shouldl keep him on the radar.

Sikander called lovely back and she asked where were you,Sikander said I was recording,lovely said you will call and message me as soon as you are done,Sikander said as you say.
Kulfi started singing again,people kept gathering,two women came there and started blaming the government, they said.

we will protest against the government, the guy said shut up, this boy is singing and we take it as a sign that he is fine,look boy keep singing, we have informed BMC,help is on its way,kulfi began singing while having Nimrat on her mind.

BMC came there to help,they placed a ladder in and kulfi climbed up,lovely and minti again passing by stop because of crowd,kulfi still sung as she was getting out,they all enjoyed her singing, lovely asked what is going on,a man told her a boy had fallen in the pit,lovely got down to check who the boy was, who fathered so many with his voice,everybody praised kulfi.

Lovely saw the drunk men and said it’s a bad idea let me go, I have to concentrate on Amyra and told minti about it. Minti said, Amyra is going to sing right, I have an important work to do,lovely saw the security, parked her car and went home walking, the man said come let me drop you home,kulfi said I have no one in this town and left thinking about the behaviour she faced in Sikander’s house.

lovely told Amyra there was a baby who gathered so many people why can’t you sing like him, Amyra said if he was so good, why don’t you make him sing and left, lovely said come back, ok fine I will make him sing then. Sikander asked jagira about kulfi, jagira said he left the house and Sikander asked what?…Read more