Little Singer Kulfi 18 January 2023, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 247


The episode started with Sikander reading the diary ahead, Nimrat read, I named her as we wanted sweet and what matters to us most, I named our daughter on our sweetest memory, Sikander found the page where the name written was burnt, Nimrat shouted it’s Kulfi, Sikander thinks of Nimrat and run to his room.

he removed his handkerchief gifted by Nimrat and realized kulfi is his daughters name, Nimrat was happy and said yes our daughter kulfi. Sikander read ahead, Nimrat wrote, our daughter sings just like you, she has beautiful voice, Sikander remembered meeting Kulfi and how she described her father,Sikander was very happy and remembered every moment with Kulfi.

Sikander said God my daughter was with me all the time, Nimrat said and you couldn’t recognise her and smiled, sikander said this is why we are so connected to eachother and I feel that pain when she is away from me and somehow we get back together because she is mine, my daughter.

Nimrat said come on get up and go get your daughter, Sikander said I won’t let my daughter go away from me and rushed to get her. Nimrat said go sikander get our daughter, get her back to her father, thank you God for reuniting kulfi and Sikander, keep my family happy and together and she left.

Sikander was on his way thinking about kulfi all the time, he said kulfi you are not alone, you have family, your baba is here, my love will cure all your sadness, Sikander found the car but kulfi was missing together with the other passenger in it. Sikander’s heart was broken said kulfi dear.

your father is waiting to see you, sikander picked Kulfi’s form and went towards the boarding school, excited to tell Kulfi that he is her father. He reached school and asked for kulfi,he introduced himself as Kulfi’s father, he was carrying flowers and gifts for kulfi and eagerly waiting for her, he imagined himself being with Nimrat when Kulfi was born and by them when she grew up.

Sikander was nervous and said god I am so nervous, What if Kulfi asks me all those questions she had been asked all these years, what will I answer her, anyways she has to ask it’s her right, but how will I tell her she is my daughter and started practising,he said, we always felt the connection right, it’s because I am actually your father.

the peon said talk to ma’am. Sikander told ma’am about kulfi, she said we have no girl named Kulfi, Sikander said she must have reached just now, she said no ways, there is no girl here, Sikander showed her photo, she said no she isn’t here, Sikander showed the form, ma’am said it’s not our boarding school and showed him the original form. Sikander was confused.

Sikander remembered how desperately lovely wanted to send Kulfi away, Sikander went home and saw lovely. Amyra was ready to play with Sikander, lovely said come on play, Sikander acted for Amyra, Amyra got scared and said thank you dad, after so long I feel homely,we will be like this right, Sikander said yes go to your room, I have to talk to your mom, Amyra said you will fight again, Sikander said no you go to your room, I will be there and Amyra left.

Sikander said lovely without creating any drama, tell me where is my daughter kulfi,.

Pre cap : Sikander said lovely she is my daughter, I don’t need you to find my daughter, Lovely said you will never find her, everyone then gathered around, lovely said instead of getting upset over me why don’t you ask them, why did they hide truth from you…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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