Little Singer Kulfi 18 January 2023, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 248


The episode started with Sikander asking lovely where is his daughter kulfi, lovely said your….., Sikander said yes mine, where did you send her, if something happens I won’t spare you, you lied to me,Lovely said please Amyra was happy, she just started getting better, I did this to keep kulfi and Amyra away, Amyra is our daughter, Sikander said yes, Kulfi is my daughter too and since when did you know Kulfi was my daughter.

Lovely said since we found she was a girl,Sikander said you snatched her father, her house, her family, my daughter was with me all the time but couldn’t call her mine, I already cheated on Nimrat but you cheated me by being with me, you used Amyra against all this.

Sikander said Amyra is mine and so is Kulfi, tell me where is Kulfi, you already messed a lot, Lovely didn’t answer, Sikander said okay, don’t answer I will find her, Lovely said you will never find her even in your dreams, Sikander said I will do it, you did all this for Amyra, look what I do for my Kulfi, Mohendar.

Bebe and Gunjan walk in and asked what’s wrong, sikander them hugged them, lovely said tell them even before getting angry at me, ask them why did they hide the truth from you,they didn’t tell Kulfi is your daughter, Sikander asked did you all know about it, Bebe remembered how lovely had threatened them and said actually…

Sikander said that poor girl kept asking for her dad, Mohendar said you don’t know the whole truth,Sikander said because you all hide the truth, she has sent her somewhere and isn’t telling but I will find my daughter, you lovely just wait and watch.

Mohendar said Bebe I will be back home only when I find Kulfi now, Sikander was on his way to find kulfi. A man pulled kulfi out of a van and took her inside. Sikander broke down and remembered Kulfi’s words, when you are with me,sadnes reducess and happiness brightens,Sikander talked to stars and said Nimrat, kulfi had introduced me to you long back, I have done lot of mistakes but I will get my daughter back.

she had lost you but didn’t lose hope and so will I, Sikander motivated himself and said I won’t loose hope, i will find my daughter, everyone knew the truth but no one told me, they all left me alone and my daughter too but this sikander won’t be alone , I will find my daughter, I couldn’t give you your rights but will give Kulfi what is her.

Kulfi woke up and saw that she had been taken to a room. Kulfi was asleep, Amani was beside her, she wore gloves and opened kulfis bag and said she should get nothing from this bag, Amaji washed her hands with two soaps and threw everything away, she then applied make up, Kulfi woke up saying baba, she saw Amaji and became scared.

Kulfi thinks she was is in a boarding school and said sorry for sleeping till late,she touched the feet and said good morning, Amaji remembered lovely calling her and telling her that Kulfi does all this to fool us Infact she is a thief and very cunning, don’t go by her innocent face.

she also tried to attack my daughter and so I am sending her to her child remand home , Amaji said you speak a lot, Kulfi said yes I do speak a lot, Amaji said and you have done a lot too, Kulfi said yes and kept talking, Amaji thinks, Lovely was right she looks very innocent but such kids at the most brats.

Precap: Amaji said kulfi you will get your stuff back only when you follow my rules and principles, sikander got the police to talk to Lovely and reveal information about kulfi…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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