Amyra Frames Kulfi In Cheating. Little Singer Kulfi 18 November 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 165


The Episode started with Kulfi saying to Amyra, I will get admission and won’t be scared,Sikander said very good, you need this confidence and when you are all prepared nothing can stop you,amyra said I have a class see you bye. Tevar said to Sikander slowly, I am very scared, Sikander said quite you will scare her too and tell her that she should listen what the principle said, Tevar told her and said why don’t you two talk, I’m nervous too.

Kulfi and them were at principles office, the principle said I like the confidence you already know you will be admitted, Kulfi said no but I want to,the principle said I will like you two to leave, I will take over with her, Tevar and Sikander wished her luck, Sikander saw kulfi very nervous,smiled and walked out.

Kulfi remembered sikander being her first teacher,she walked to him and took his blessings and said at least bless me before you leave, Tevar smiled, Sikander then blessed her, kissed her forehead and said you don’t need my blessings, they are always with you and don’t be scared or nervous believe in yourself because I believe in you, Kulfi took tevars blessings,Tevar said don’t, my blessings are always with you, all the best.

The Principle asked, why did you go to Sikander before your father, Kulfi said because my mother taught me teachers come before parents. Tevar and Sikander waited out, Tevar complained about the canteen.

Sikander said have you seen then classroom, they are air conditioned and also the fees are more than a lakh,Tevar said I want my Kulfi to study here and to get along with these kids and not face what I did, Sikander said you haven’t forgiven Lovely right and Tevar also asked, have you?

Lovely said these are top 3 hospitals, leave right away and start away with the treatment, Mohendar said I spoke to gunjan, she is guilty and she won’t say a word, Lovely said but what about Amyra, she will remember those words every time she sees bhabhi, she hasn’t slept all night, Amyra is so in stress and I need time to get her on track and make her believe that her father won’t leave her so please understand what I’m trying to say and so please if you really consider me your sister and Amyra your daughter please leave with bhabhi,I request.

The Principle began with kulfi’s test and she liked kulfi’s progress, Kulfi saw the balloons with answers on it through the window, the principle saw kulfi starring out and saw those balloons and Amyra hid, she attached those balloons to bricks and left, the principle scolded kulfi for cheating and left,Kulfi asked what wrong did I do.

Setu went to pay his loan instalments and said he will pay remaining later, he said why lie, I know you have lot of money, Setu said why will I lie, you know I have nothing, he asked what about that money you got by selling kulfi, Setu got angry and said I went to hand her to her father and lost her, every started abusing Setu that he sold kulfi and nihalo enjoying with that money and Setu left ashamed.

The Principle started scolding kulfi, she got nothing and thinks the principle got angry seeing the balloons because she doesn’t like balloons. Sikander said Tevar we will celebrate Diwali together after admission, Tevar said I am nervous, Sikander said don’t worry, Kulfi is very smart, the principle asked kulfi to go call her dad and Kulfi left the room, Amyra saw her and said oh moms trick worked so cool.

She then called Lovely but she didn’t answer. Kulfi started crying and went to Tevar and said I don’t know, ma’am started yelling at me and called me a cheater, what does that mean and she is calling you.

Pre cap : Kulfi said ma’am I didn’t cheat, I knew those answers, ma’am said I don’t talk to cheaters,Tevar said enough, you can’t yell at my daughter, ma’am said you two can leave, you have no place in my school…Read more

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