Lovely Treats Kulfi Like A Princess. Little Singer Kulfi 19 August 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 41



The episode started with Sikander about to leave and go look for kulfi,Jonny came there with her bag,Sikander was about to open and see what was in but his servant said, hand it to him,lovely and kulfi came there and Sikander was happy to see them.

Jonny then run to kulfi,kulfi said did you miss me, I did too,love, lovely said Sikander, I am already guilty about being rude to kulfi and you were right about our marriage, I hope you still respect me,Sikander said yes I do.

Mayra walked to them and asked why is he back again,lovely said he will stay with us for few a days. Amyra said no ways first singing pressure and now this torcher,Sikander said no Amtrak, you shouldn’t say all this,lovely said kulfi come let me take you to your room.

get changed or else you will catch cold and even your throat may be affected,Kulfi said my room,lovely said yes yours, come. She carried her and took her along with her to show her the room, Amyra said for whom should I be a superstar,she became angry and left.

Kulfi said I can sleep in a small place too but such big room,it’s so beautiful,I can see the sky from here,lovely said you like it,kulfi said yes,lovely said then it’s yours,and until your bag is found stay here.

you are my guest and your comfort is my duty,kulfi hugged her and said you are so sweet,lovely said thank you, now change I will get you food and she left.

Kulfi started jumping on the bed.lovely said thank God I found him now let me record his voice and Amyra will just do lisping, it’s a perfect plan,kulfi was dancing and her pagdi came off, she saw it in the mirror and said oh no now I am a girl.

lovely knocked the door and said kulfi come out food is ready,kulfi became scared and she started looking for her pagdi, she remembered mama words that she won’t be a girl unless she meets her dad,lovely said ok am coming in.

Sikander walked to angry Amyra and asked what’s wrong with my princess, Amyra said my life is over,Sikander started laughing and Amyra said stop laughing, didn’t you see mom.

she doesn’t love me,Sikander said she is just helping that little boy,his mom isn’t here,she loves you a lot,she carried him up but never me.

Sikander said because I am here for you and she loves you the most in the world, Amyra said I don’t want to talk about that dirty boy, do you love me? Sikander said yes I love you,promise me you won’t love any other baby except me.

Kulfi said don’t come in,I am not fully ready,lovely said I will help you like I help Amyra,kulfi said but we aren’t the same, she is girl and I am boy.

lovely said ok I am going you come soon. lovely said when will I record him and when will amyra learn lyrics amyra can’t loose this chance.

Kulfi checked whether lovely is gone,she then came out and started looking for where her pagdi is. Sikander said promise,I will love Amyra, she is my daughter and danced with her,kulfi saw them together and while looking at them the towel from her hair came off and she was in tears…Read more