Kulfi & Amyra Patches Up. Little Singer Kulfi 19 May 2023, Friday Pt1: Episode 422


The episode began with Sandy asking Amyra, why is she alone in the water line and she replied,Kulfi is inside and they aren’t talking. Sandy said, so she is inside alone and you are also out here working alone, that’s so sad. Kulfi was cooking for Amyra, so she can have something to eat. Sandy said, oh look, you are again working for Amyra and she is out there talking ill about you.

Kulfi said, but that’s not done, she rushed out and said to Amyra, let me hold the bucket. Amyra responded, what do you want to prove? I filled the whole bucket and you want to prove that it’s just you who always works. Kulfi said, why talk like this? I was preparing your favorite food. Amyra said, then don’t, I don’t want to eat any food cooked by you. Kulfi said, don’t eat then, they both started arguing and began fighting.

Shantatai and Yusuf came to stop them, tried to resolve the issue but then it went on increasing and they all called Amyra short tempered. Yusuf took Amyra’s side and Himmat took Kulfis. Sikander walked in and asked, what’s wrong? Kulfi and Amyra started complaining.

Sikander then took them inside and asked them, what’s wrong and they both narrated each side of the story. Sikander said, you both need to know each other, only then you can live together. You two are family so behave like one. Kulfi said, I was cooking for Amyra because she likes Poha. Amyra also said, I got ointment for kulfi because she fell down.

Sikander asked, you care so much about each other so why fight then? Amyra replied, Kulfi called me selfish. Kulfi also said, she said she hates me. Sikander said, did you two hear each other saying it, who told you and they said it was sandy.

Sikander said, how could you believe him and not ask each other, he then told them the importance of trust and family and made a rule that till they resolve the fight, he won’t allow them to sleep. Kulfi and Amyra apologized to each other and hugged it out.

Sikander brought them out and Himmat asked , did they resolve their differences? Sikander said, tell them, Kulfi and Amyra hugged each other and everyone applauded. Sikander sang a song, Sandy became emotional and Raju calmed him down.

Sikander told Raju and Sandy,I have seen things change in minutes and so have I, but today I taught my kids an important lesson, family is important, today’s episode was scary, their education in finance is taken care of but this is not enough, money is not everything, power is needed too.

I want to setup my empire and that will give my girls the power and for people to be scared of them and keep away from them, like lioness of this jungle, no one would ever have courage to even look after them, there are many Jimmy’s in this world and I have to save my girls from them.

Raju asked, how will you do that? I am crossing Jimmy’s paths and taking the twisted way.

Precap : Sikander asked Sandy to go and inform Jimmy about his location, before he comes here, I will have to escape my death…Read more

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