Kulfi Gets High Fever. Little Singer Kulfi 19 October 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 126


The episode started with Kulfi shivering and calling for Sikander while sleeping,Tevar checked her and found out that she has high fever, the master goes to call the doctor,Tevar tried to wake her up,he became restless and called Lovely,Sikander saw lovely’s phone and asked why is Tevar calling you so late,Lovely disconnected,Sikander then said, talk to him, may be Kulfi needs help.

Lovely said I will stay with you and Amyra and went out of room,Lovely called back and said are you out of your mind,the situation is out of hand, bhabhi fell down and…. Tevar said forget all that our daughter needs you, she has high fever,Lovely said she needs a doctor not me and disconnected the call,Tevar said what’s wrong with her. Lovely said this kulfi, someone throw her away from my life.

Sikander walked to lovely and asked what did Tevar say, is Kulfi alright? Lovely said yes,she is finding it hard to sleep,it’s a new place you see,Sikander said I scolded her very badly,Lovely said calm down, she is a kid, Sikander said she won’t be able to adjust,Lovely said she has to,I mean they are father, Daughter and family and so they have to get along.

Look at Amyra, she will need time too after all she went through, I am so worried for her and hugged Sikander. The Doctor asked Tevar to calm down first and then asked was kulfi in some stress,Tevar said what shall I tell you, the poor thing is so hurt,the Doctor said calm down,just put some cold strips of cloth on her forehead and she will be fine.

Amyra woke up and asked Sikander where was he,Sikander walked to her and said nowhere,am right beside you, go to sleep. Tevar was taking care of kulfi and was in tears,kulfi kept calling for Sikander ,Tevar said I finally have you and will not allow Sikander to hurt you,your happiness is mine,the master got medicine for kulfi. Tevar prayed and said please show mercy on my kid,I will do anything for my daughter and began praying.

Sikander called lovely and asked where are all my watches, I can’t find any, Amyra walked in and said they are with me because all your time is mine, Sikander said I have to go meet aunty, Amrya said uncle will do that,it’s been so long we had no time together,you don’t study with me,talk to me,have breakfast, now even kulfi isn’t here and left, Sikander said how will I talk to her,Mohendar said focus on her and your work, I will look after gunjan.

God knows from where, Tevar is here,he took away your work and kulfi too,Sikander said my work, I will look after it don’t worry, I am coming with you,Mohendar said at times our own people are enemies,Sikander asked who are you talking about, Tevar? Sikander said tell me,Mohendar said I will go look after Gunjan. Sikander said tell me straight, Mohendar said just look after your work, home and kulfi,that’s it.

Kulfi woke up and said I was all night on your laps and spoiled your night too. Tevar said don’t say that, I am your father,I couldn’t take you on my laps when you were a baby and so now i will do anything for your happiness,Kulfi said can you patch up between me and Sikander sir for my happiness. Sikander was in the music room and thinking of how rude he was to kulfi and sand.

Tevar said even after they have been so rude to you,Kulfi said there must be so a reason,Tevar said there is, Amyra is the reason, they love her more,Kulfi said they do, she is their daughter but why be rude to me,Tevar said look, I will take you there but if they misbehave with you infront of me I wouldn’t take it.

we both are starting a new life and have to keep each other happy and be each other’s happiness,i promise I will love you so much, you will forget Sikander,Kulfi remembered her promise to Sikander that she will never forget him.

Sikander looked at Amyra’s picture and said it’s said happiness is increased when shared but now I am shared, kulfi is gone, why this confusion,on one hand Amyra who is scared of losing me and other kulfi whom I have lost already,Sikander remembered his promise to Amyra and said all my focus should be on Amyra,i should give her all my time,because she will be happy, may be by then kulfi will back here.

Lovely remembered Mohendar warning her and said because of him, kulfi will never get out of Sikanders head.

Lovely asked Tevar to stop calling her. Tevar said why should I,may be you have forgotten, kulfi is your daughter,someone has to remind you of that if Amyra is your daughter so is Kulfi…Read more

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