Kulfi Seeks Sikander’s Help. Little Singer Kulfi 2 August 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 13



Kulfi reaches the venue and is in awe with the arrangements,she sees a disabled girl named muskan,organiser says you have a special seat booked for you muskan,her father says thanks to sikander his financial help has been so great for us,kulfi asks them is that true,he says yes,muskan walks to sikanders poster and asks will you help me too for my mother’s treatment.

Setu and his kids start looking for money all over the house,bholi says kaddu it was fun to find all the money Ma hide,setu says kids go keep a watch and make sure to alert me when your Ma comes,I have to take this money to hospital.

Sir singing and in tears,kulfi listening to him,he has his mother on his mind and her treatment,kulfi asks him what’s wrong and says let me continue, he is in awe hearing kulfis voice,he smiles,kulfi misses nimrat,and is in tears.

Kulfi asks him why are you crying,he says even you are crying,kulfi says because I’m missing my mom and she is ill and I need money for her treatment and if I don’t get money she will die,he says I have same problem,but don’t worry god will do everything fine,kulfi says when will he,he says don’t worry god listens to people like you with pure heart,kulfi says let me give all details and prays.

He says will you do something for me,kulfi says you are my guru I will do anything for you,he says you will be a very big singer,kulfi says but I’m so small,bhala comes and says sikander is here come fast,kulfi runs out,Manveer says be scared of god don’t do this don’t ask her not to sing.

Nihalo comes and snatches money and says give me my money,setu says this is my money I need it for my sister,nihalo says it’s for me and my kids,but for beggar,Setu says enough nihalo she is my sister,she says kill me but I won’t let you use my money,he says she is dying show some mercy,nihalo says my kids are here and I have served that mother daughter not anymore.

Sikander injures reaches the venue drunk,kulfi pushes everyone and tries to reach sikander ,she sees him and gets very happy,she crawls as he walks,sikander stops listening to kulfis voice,kulfi says now he will help treat my mother.

Sikander has flashes of nimrat,kulfi runs to sikander and about to hold his hand bouncers stop her.
Lovely with minti on her way to Pathankot,minti says the road is so bad,lovely asks when will this pathankot come,Driver says we missed a turn so we have lost the way,lovely says are you mad,get me to the right way.

Kulfi all over looking for sikander,guards stops her and says you here to beg and that to from sikander I can help you with that and gives her coin.kulfi says keep that with you,I want money because my mother is ill and I want lot of money and I will repay it and I’m not beggar and I heard sikander Sir is very helpful,guard says get out,kulfi says you are very bad.

Nihalo says sikander was here and says I said nothing,setu asks what did you say,nihalo says nothing,setu says tell me or you shall see me dead,nihalo says sikander was here and I told her nimrat got married and is happy with her husband and kids,setu shouts on her,nihalo starts creating scene in front of whole colony and claims setu is harassing her.setu hears a guy say sikander is performing in pathankot,setu leaves.nihalo says god kulfi is there too.

Kulfi walks to a tent,and sees sikander in it ,organiser says sikander you rest till then we have a little singer she will open,kulfi says wow,I can see him
Now,sikander says I have to leave I will leave as soon as I finish the show and leaves the tent.

Pre cap : sikander drops his neck piece,kulfi picks it up and sikander walks to her and smiles…Read more