Kulfi Helps Tevar To Get A New Job. Little Singer Kulfi 2 December 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 184


The episode started with Kulfi saying this aunty never goes out,why polish men shoes, let me talk to her,she saw kulfi and asked her to leave, Kulfi talked to billo and said even in sikander sirs house everyone hated me but later we became friends,Kulfi saw a man reading the news and walked to him,he asked kulfi what she wants,Kulfi said why do you always read sad news in the morning but he scolded kulfi.

kulfi smiled at him and tried to be friends with him. She went to another house and saw a grandfather upset about his dead wife and helped him pour tea,he offered kulfi tea and she thanked him,he asked kulfi did she have breakfast, Kulfi said no,she was about to have milk and he got her some biscuits.

Kulfi said can I ask you a riddle,he said okay and kept asking everyone riddle,she saw the newspaper grandpa and tea grandpa on the terrace, and thinks now I will take Baba on terrace too and they will be friends too, I just hope he is little less worried today and then I will ask him to patch up with Sikander sir too. Sikander was in contact with master trying to find kulfi and Tevar.

Kulfi told Tevar about her day,Sikander got to the society,Tevar told her they loved his song but I have to make 2-3 songs and hand them in 2 days, how is that possible, those uncles,Kulfi said don’t worry we will be friends soon. Tevar said they my friends,not possible,Kulfi said let’s try come with me and took him to the terrace.

Sikander tried looking for Tevar and kulfi,he started asking people around,one said here only senior citizens live. Grandpa was waiting for Kulfi and said we are friends now, be friends with my Baba too, Tevar took their blessings,they gave him best wishes,Kulfi said these wishes won’t work,he isn’t allowed to work, let him sing please,we won’t make noise promise.

Vittal said Patel let’s go, kulfi your hard work is of waste here, singing isn’t allowed,Kulfi started singing to convince them,Sikander stopped listening to kulfis voice,Patel and Vittal started dancing to her tune,Sikander rushed to look for kulfi,Kulfi turned around and saw aunty starring at her,Vittal said she is a kid don’t scold her, it was our mistake.

we didn’t ask her to be quite, Aunty started scolding them,Kulfi asked why is Bahadur dadi so upset,Patel said her son was a musician and passed away in 26/11, she does everything from shining his stars except listening to music, she didn’t even cry in his death,Kulfi went and hugged her.

Sikander didn’t find Kulfi and left disappointed,Kulfi remembered mama saying that his mother is now a star and started singing about how she has lost her mother and she requested her to let Tevar sing. Amyra said kulfi should never learn my father is her dad.

Precap : Bhaduri dadi, grandpa and Tevar were dancing and singing and Kulfi fainted…Read more

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