Kulfi Battles For Her Life. Little Singer Kulfi 2 December 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 185


The episode started with Kulfi convincing the sorrowful old lady by her sweet singing. She made the lady forget the past shadows of sorrow and brought a smile on her face. The lady found her son in Tevar. She was thankful to Kulfi for reviving her.Kulfi got light-headed and collapsed down. Tevar and Sikandar too broke down at the same instant.

Tevar cried for Kulfi, knowing about Kulfi’s injured hand, which got septic. He learned about the big threat on Kulfi’s life. The man told Tevar that the infection is fast spreading in Kulfi’s body and she may lose her hand as well. Sikandar was shattered with the thought of losing Kulfi and cried for her.

Kulfi also yearned for Sikandar. His heart tells him that Kulfi was going away from him. Tevar then rushed Kulfi to the hospital and got her treated. He couldn’t imagine his life without her. The Doctor informed Tevar about the small wound doing much damage to Kulfi. She told him that Kulfi would be losing her hand in order to save her life.

Tevar beggrd her not to do any such surgery. She told him that she will begin the operation and try her best to keep her fine. Tevar was asked to deposit money for Kulfi’s treatment. He wasn’t having any money and started worried for her. Destiny brought both the fathers in front of each other. Tevar came across Sikandar, who had been looking for him for long.

Sikandar and Tevar burst out their tears of sorrow when they met. Tevar told Sikandar about Kulfi’s life in danger and begged Sikandar for help. Sikandar felt guilty knowing Lovely had ruined Tevar’s life once again. Sikandar and Tevar rushed to save Kulfi’s life. Sikandar deposited the money and asked the doctor to start the operation.

He assured Tevar that nothing will happen to Kulfi. He told Tevar that Kulfi won’t leave them. Sikandar and Tevar prayed for their daughter. Sikandar’s family also got informed about Kulfi and they rushed to the hospital.

Lovely and Amyra turned insecure once again. Sikandar then cleared Tevar’s misunderstandings and they united again. Lovely got upset seeing their bonding. Sikandar and Tevar wished that Kulfi doesn’t lose her arm. They kept praying for Kulfi while the doctors did their work. Amyra stopped Sikandar from going to Kulfi.

Sikandar’s blood group matched with Kulfi when Sikandar and Tevar gave their blood sample for tests. Sikandar and Tevar got a shock when they found out Sikandar and Kulfi’s blood group match. Tevar wondered what’s their connection that they are always so bonded.

Sikandar gave blood to needy Kulfi. Tevar sensed there was something he wasn’t able to see. Sikandar and Tevar prayed for their daughter and got her back to life…Read more

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