Sikander’s Life Is At Stake. Little Singer Kulfi 2 January 2023, Monday Pt2: Episode 226


The episode started with Lovely watching the video sent by Nimrat and said mom was right, these people hate me and want me out of sikanders life, she went to the door and found Nimrat, Nimrat said sorry, I know you don’t like me but I am here because I care for you, Sikander misses you and the whole family is worried, lovely said out.

Nimrat said say bad about me, I am no one to you but your husband, Lovely said I know what you are up to, trying to be friends with me to replace me in my house, Nimrat said I am just your guest, I will leave soon, Lovely said you will leave right now, Nimrat purposely got into an argument and Lovely left leaving her mobile in Nimrats hand and Nimrat deleted the video.

Nimrat followed lovely, lovely got home and started insulting Bebe, Mohendar and gunjan, Kulfi walked out too, Lovely said shame on you three, one night and you already have started dreaming about Nimrat and Sikander, Sikander walked out and asked what’s wrong, Lovely said ask your family and went to get Nimrat’s stuff out.

Sikander asked what are you up to, Lovely said you want her to take my place, you are here for this right, Sikander said enough right, Nimrat said I am sorry I will leave, Lovely said good, get out, Nimrat said thank you but I can’t always be part of this tension, Lovely said good get out and they all got into an argument.

Sikander shouted it enough, Nimrat said don’t fight I am leaving, Kulfi my darling I am leaving, stay happy and Gunjan didi stay together, happiness and togetherness kills all sadness and I am sorry for all that happened. She continued saying kulfi I wanted to sing with you, have fun with you and be with you, love you but I will have to leave.

Lovely said enough of the dialogues, get out with your stuff. Kulfi walked to Sikander and held his hand saying you said you will give me whatever I will ask for, Sikander said yes my dear, Kulfi said don’t let her go, stop her, Sikander wiped kulfis tears and said no one is going, Lovely said now Kulfi will decide who stays in our house.

Sikander said what our house, didn’t you say yesterday that everything is over, when there is no relation you have given up all rights, no family no one, you can go to your house now, Nimrat thinks, thank you Kulfi you are doing it good, lovely came to kick me out but got kicked, Lovely got angry and left.

Lovely apologized to Amyra for taking her to the tracks, she and don’t hate me, if you do no one will love me, I will be all alone, Amyra hugged her and said don’t cry mom, I love you. Kulfi was talking to her mom and told her about the morning argument and asked did I do right, I liked Lovely but she took Amyra to the tracks,what if someone had gotten hurt then, she should have understood that kids are to be taken care off, like you did, or Nimrat masi does, she takes so much care of me, helps me, looks after me, answer me Ma, did I do right.

Sikander was running in a trademill, angry and thinking about nimi and then his marriage with lovely, how he met Kulfi, difficulties and happiness they shared and he kept increasing the speed, thinking about their divorce and Amyra’s custody, then kulfi’s railway track incident. He missed a step and fell down, Kulfi run to him and saw him fallen and unconscious, Mohendar followed up with the others.

Sikander was taken to the hospital, Mohendar said Bebe, don’t worry all will be fine, the doctor checked his reports, Nimrat thinks, god what if something happens to him, no I should think positive, the doctor walked to everyone and told them Sikander isn’t in good condition, he had a heart attack, he is critical. Kulfi said you are lying right.

I didn’t talk to him, so he is playing around with me, the doctor said he isn’t playing, he isn’t fine, Kulfi said you had saved me, save him too, I just have him, what will I do without him, tell him I am no longer angry, I promise I will talk to him, the doctor said I promise I will save him, you go pray to god and he started treating Sikander.

Precap ; Kulfi walked into the operation theatre and said baba wake up, if something happens to you,I will die, Sikander didn’t respond and Kulfi fell unconscious

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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