Lovely Confesses The Truth About Sikander’s Surgery. Little Singer Kulfi 2 March 2023, Thursday Pt1: Episode 311


The episode started with Kulfi going to Sikander’s room and started looking for him, she found Nimrat’s hanky gifted to Sikander and recognized it, Kulfi saw Chandan has polished his shoes with that hanky and said now I am very sure he isn’t my father. Lovely went to Kulfi and asked do you really think he isn’t Sikander, Kulfi said yes.

Lovely said he went to pray for you and amyra at the temple and he met with accident, his face was fully damaged and with lot of efforts the doctor reconstructed it using his old photos, his voice is damaged and is forgetting things because he has hit his head and change in behavior because he can’t sing and so we need to give him time and she left, Kulfi said you don’t believe but I do, he is not my father, I don’t know where my baba is now.

Bhola, Pakhi, Nandini were oiling each other, Kulfi said baba isn’t with me but is here and I will find him, I want my baba back. She woke up hearing Sikander’s voice and rushed to music room and saw Chandan starring at her and got scared, Chandan said get ready quickly we have to go. Pakhi was on her way back from school.

Bhola followed her in a ruck sack, Pakhi said I’m very sad, Tina didn’t call me for her birthday party she called everyone, Bhola asked what is birthday party, Pakhi said she didn’t call me because I am poor right.

Nandini’s mother came home and asked who is he, Bhola said I am her husband, Pakhi’s father, Bhola, Nani got very angry and Nandini said calm down Aai, Bhola said Nani is angry and threw water on her, Nani got more angry and Nandini said you two go play. Nandini then took Nani inside. Bhola asked will she stay with us, Pakhi said yes and mom didn’t say but I know we are poor, Bhola ask what is poor, Pakhi explained to him like Ma can’t afford spectacles.

Chandan took Kulfi to the recording studio and signed thr contract, Chandan asked for cash payment and not in cheque. He was handed cash and he said begin recording, Kulfi start singing come on. He was busy counting the cash. Bhalla asked kulfi not to get scared and enjoy her singing, kulfi’s voice started breaking, Bhalla acted patiently with Kulfi.

kufli caught up and started singing but got distracted by Chandan. Bhalla started losing his calm and said let’s take a break. Kulfi saw Chandan counting the cash and felt bad.

Nandini explained to Nani all the scenario, Nani said why did you get him here, first your husband now this man, Nandini said he has lost his mental capabilities. Nandini told how Pakhi reacted to Bhola and so she did this, Nani asked what will happen when Pakhi learn the truth, what when he regain his memory, how will things go, have you thought about it.

Kulfi kept getting distracted by Chandan, Bhalla lost his calm and shouted at Chandan, Chandan walked to kulfi and shouted at her, Bhalla was surprised to see Chandan behavior.

Precap : Nandini was walking and looking at Bhola and Pakhi’s picture, she then stumbled upon lovely and Amyra…Read more

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