Sikander Learns He Has A Daughter With Nimrat. Little Singer Kulfi 2 September 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 60


The episode started with Amyra picking a bottle of glue and added it into the oil bottle. lovely said Sikander, I know the truth, I went chirole and found out that Nimrat had a daughter with you, Sikander became shocked and said it’s not possible.

she is married to someone and his daughter she is,lovely said no she is your daughter and Sikander became shocked,lovely thinks God, this means Sikander knew nothing about his daughter.

Sikander said why didn’t you tell me,lovely said you didn’t know? Sikander said if I knew… lovely asked, what you would get them here or leave me and Amyra,tell me sikander.

tell me,how much could you fall and spoil our lives,lovely called Amyra and Sikander said why call her.
Amyra said God mom is calling me, I want to see that dirty boy in trouble.

Kulfi was singing and playing,she saw the bottle of oil and poured it in her hand,she said I will massage today as mama did and her hand got stucked.

Amyra said yes mom,lovely said tell her Sikander,answer her,shall I answer or you will,Sikander said please don’t do this,lovely said okay I won’t,swear on Amyra that you won’t do what you wanted to and I won’t tell her.

Sikander said lovely,lovely said Amyra ask your dad if he loves you, he won’t do anything that will hurt us, Amyra said dad I am so scared, please don’t do anything, please promise me,sikander was in tears and said yes I promise, I won’t and left.

Lovely took a sigh of relief, Amyra then said mom it’s so scary,what was it,lovely said your dada found out it’s kulfi, Amyra said I know they were singing last night,lovely said your dad was giving your contract to kulfi and left. Amyra said if my mom and dad are fighting because of kulfi, I won’t let him be happy.

Lovely walked to kulfi and said how dare you,kulfi said what,I don’t know how this happened, it isn’t my fault,lovely thinks I guess Sikander by chance heard her and left.kulfi called her to help but lovely left.

Sikander was tears in his music room,Sikander had Nimrat on his mind and said I am sorry nimi,if this is the truth,my daughter,where must she be.

Maninder thinks kulfi is going for Pooja and about to play with him and Gunjan took him away,kulfi walked to Sikander and said Baba,Sikander said what,kulfi said you said you will find my Baba yesterday, you won’t ditch me right.

Sikander said no I won’t and he thinks, if really nimrat and my daughter came in front of me what will I do,Sikander said you don’t have to stand like this,kulfi said my hands look at this.

Sikander went to check and said did you play with glue,kulfi said I didn’t and look now,Sikander said don’t worry, I will help.

Amyra said where is that dirty boy, must be crying, I don’t want to miss it,Sikander got warm water and helped kulfi,they both look into each others eyes and Sikander said don’t worry all will be fine.

Amyra saw Sikander helping kulfi,kulfi said you helped me, you were so calm too,Sikander said it was little problem so it was easy,kulfi said big problems will also be solved you never say but I can see you are in problem.

Pre cap:
Cutie said lovely you can’t stop sikander from meeting his love child.
Sikander said lovely made me swear on Amyra but will you go please…Read more

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