Sikander Looks For His Lost Daughter. Little Singer Kulfi 2 September 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 61


The episode started with Kulfi saying to Sikander, you never tell anyone but I can see you are in pain,Sikander asked how can you see,kulfi said ma told me when two hearts meet you get to know each other,Sikander looked at kulfi and saw Maninder.

Kulfi wasdancing in front of the servants and said Sikander sir will go find my dad, Amyra walked and shouted kulfi, my parents are fighting because of you,kulfi said enough I should be angry at you, you are always speaking English and troubling me, Amyra said I will make your life hell,jonny barked at Amyra, Amyra said get out jonny but he didn’t and forcefully took him out.

Dadi, Maninder and gunjan were discussing about lovely and Sikanders fights,Sikander messaged Maninder to meet him outside and he left,dadi said something is fishy both left together. cutie said lovely, I always told you to keep calm but look you opened the secret,lovely said relax mom, Sikander sweared to Amyra that he won’t go to that girl,cutie said open your eyes, you can’t stop sikander from meeting his daughter be prepared.

Maninder asked Sikander did you ask that lady about Nimrat’s husband,Sikander said no I didn’t,Maninder said did you and Nimrat,Sikander said yes,Maninder asked now what will you do,you will spoil the life now for Nimrat and that child,Sikander said I don’t know but I just want to go visit Nimrat,lovely has stopped me but you can go.

Amyra was scolding jonny,kulfi walked in and jonny run to her, Amyra said jonny come back,kulfi said be nice, Amyra said shut up, don’t tell me what to do,jonny I very well know what to do and was about to hit jonny but kulfi stepped in and got hurt,jonny rushed to kulfi and barked at Amyra, Amyra locked him and said you will stay here without food and water till you come back to me and threw kulfi out of the room.

Dadi and gunjan asked Maninder where is he going,Maninder said I don’t know when I will return,dadi said is it about lovely and Sikander,Maninder said no it’s about my music school and if god is with us I will bring good news.

Sikander was in the balcony,lovely walked to him and asked why aren’t you picking my call,Sikander said I didn’t break Amyra’s promise don’t worry,now please leave me alone,jagira was giving kulfi food and asked, why mess with her,kulfi said that doesn’t mean she can misbehave with jonny,kulfi hid roti while jagira went to get dal.

Kulfi slowly entered Amyra’s room saw she was asleep with headphones on,she walked to jonny opened the door, talked to jonny and gave him rotim. Amyra woke up and scolded kulfi,kulfi said no one is scared of you, Amyra said with whose permission did you fed my dog,kulfi said it’s not good to misbehave with dogs.

Jonny rushed to Sikander and barked at him and guided him to Amyra’s room,Sikander pushed kulfi and asked her to get out,Sikander caught him and asked are you fine,kulfi said yes, Amyra said dad it’s his fault this dirty boy,Sikander said I have seen it all Amyra,dogs go to people who love them.

Amyra said he is my dog,cutie gifted him to me,he has become a bad dog because of kulfi,Sikander told Amyra you get love when you give love,in case of animals and dogs,and it’s not kulfis fault. kulfi then thinks, he understands everyone so well, Amyra said you just love for this dirty boy and left in anger.

Sikander said God I can’t convince my own daughter,how must Nimrat have raised our daughter all alone.

Pre cap:
Maninder met nihalo and asked whether he knows Nimrat.
Lovely heard gunjan talk to Maninder that he is near Pathankot…Read more

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