Little Singer Kulfi 20 January 2023, Friday Pt1: Episode 253


The episode started with Kulfi being asked by the kids, what has she done that she was sent to remand home, kulfi said there is some confusion, i have done nothing,my baba would never send me here,i have to leave. The kids said, haven’t you heard about the ghost,you can’t leave this place let us show you who the ghost is and is very scary.

Sikander met the police and said kulfi is somewhere in this area. The kids took kulfi near a dog house,kulfi saw the dog, she got scared and rushed to ama and said i have to tell you something very important, Ama asked did any kid break any rules,kulfi said no and told her about the confusion.

Kulfi said i am a good girl, i never lie,i thought i was going to a boarding school, dont know how i came here, i need to call home, ama said if i didnt know the truth about you, i would believe what you are saying and no one is going to call anywhere,kulfi kept requesting on Ama not responding, she tried to make a call but Ama stopped her,kulfi saw Ama without make up and got scared, Ama then scolded kulfi,warns her and asked her to go to her room and she closed the room,kulfi said baba you must be thinking i am at some boarding school but i am here.

Sikander with the police searched all the orphanages and boarding schools near by,the police infromed Sikander theres a remand home near by, Sikander remembered promising kulfi to find her any how if she ever gets lost and said let’s go look for her there,the inspector said don’t say we are there looking for your daughter that would alert them if she is forcefully kept there, Sikander said okay. Sikander said lovely, if you have sent my kulfi to such place, i swear I would send you to a worst one.

Kulfi rushed to the kids and asked where’s the tall guy,he said Rajan took him away he will be leaving in the evening,kulfi said i am sorry i had no idea, Ama had lied to me but now i know the truth,the kids decided to abandon kulfi as she was the culprit for sending 664 away,kulfi was sad and walking around,she saw Rajan assigning 664 job of cleaning all the fans before Sikander enters the remand home. Kulfi saw 664 and remembered his sad story and felt bad, she looked at fan and got an idea.

Rajan infromed Ama some rich man accompanied by the police is here,he said wants to see you and the home and will donate too, Ama said okay i will be there. kulfi placed dust and garbage on the fan,kulfi then placed on the fan, Ama got angry and asked Rajan who did it,he pointed at 664, Ama said this is how you want to take revenge,you are going no where from here, you will first clean this mess and then will be punished, kulfi the sneezed, Ama said okay so you helped him,you both will be punished.

Ama met sikander, Sikander said you are doing a great job,i would like to donate and meet the kids too,Ama said sure and take him to the assembly hall. 664 thanked kulfi and asked why did she take such big risk and even she is caught now.kulfi said i know the pain of being away from loved ones,i miss my baba a lot, i want to get back to him.

the assembly bell rang,all the kids gathered, Ama signalled the guard to take kulfi and 664 away and he did so. Sikander stepped in,he looked around and asked is this your full strength, Ama said yes,these kids are away from their family, i look after them with atmost care.

664 infrom kulfi that they will be locked in separate dark rooms and she shouldn’t be scared, if she does she need not shout because that wont help,try other ways to keep yourself calm. Sikander read a sentence on board reading 186, no one loves you here, Sikander asked for which kid is this, Ama said these are kids you see, they find ways to play pranks.

Precap: Sikander was passing by the room were kulfi was locked asked who is in here, please open I would like to see…Read more

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