Chandan Is Finally Arrested. Little Singer Kulfi 20 March 2023, Monday Pt1: Episode 335


The episode began with Chandan thinking, why should I worry, I am Sikander not Chandan, he walked out and asked what is this noise for, who are you and how dare you enter my house? The goons attacked Chandan and said, we know you aren’t Sikander and asked his men to get Pakya saying he has revealed all the truth, if we don’t get our money, we won’t spare you.

Lovely said I need to talk to my husband and she slowly whispered, if they take you away, I will never get my Amyra, tell me where the money is. Chandan responded in cupboard. Lovely gave them the money and they left.

Kulfi was updating Sikander on a phone call, Chandan walked to her, lovely then stayed with Kulfi. Chandan asked, why did you tell them I was in the room? Kulfi replied, you know I can’t lie, I will get stomach pains. Chandan said listen carefully, if someone asks, you will have to lie so learn to lie because you will die and Amyra will also die as well, lovely explain it to her and he left.

Sikander assured kulfi that nothing will happen to her or Amyra. Pakhi asked Nandini, why she gave the witch her dad? Nandini replied, we will have to run like we did last time, no more argument. Pakhi and mommy are very strong, we will live happily together, your papa left you, let’s go. Pakhi kept insisting for her father. Nandini opened the door and became shocked. Pakhi asked who is this? Nandini replied, your father.

The Police got in asking for Sikander and Chandan hid. Lovely and kulfi walked to them and asked what’s the problem? Kulfi saw Chandan and lied that he wasn’t home. The police said, he robbed an ATM, here is proof and showed them the video. Chandan saw it and said God, it’s Bhola. He walked out and said it’s not me, it’s Sikander, he is trying to trap me. The police said, that’s what we saying, you stole Sikander, arrest him, check the whole house, we will find the things here.

Mohendar asked, Sikander what do you mean by Sikander stole it? Chandan replied, there is my duplicate in town who is doing all this, he is that Bhola, one hour ago I was home having breakfast. He whispered to lovely, say yes or else Amyra, you already know what will happen. Lovely said yes officer, he was at home. The police then left asking him not to leave town.

Chandan said Mohendar, look what a dangerous man she got home, Kulfi see, he robbed an ATM. Chandan was tensed thinking about all what was happening. Kulfi was on a call with Sikander, Chandan saw her, walked to her and said, so this is what is happening. He talked to Sikander and said, so Bhola your memory is back or should I say Sikander Singh Gill, kulfi’s father. Listen carefully, if you try to trap me, you will lose Amyra forever. Sikander replied, this is what I wanted to hear, turn around. Sikander recorded everything and was with the police.

Mohendar said to Chandan, we knew the truth, Lovely had informed us all. The police said, Chandan you are under arrest and he tried to escape. Sikander said, Chandan my family isn’t my weakness but my strength.

Masterji heard Amyra calling for help. Chandan was asked where Amyra was and he gave the address. lovely was panicking and Gunjan said don’t worry, you go, I will look after her. Kulfi and Sikander then left. Chandan demanded for his lawyer, he made a call and said, empty the warehouse and let me talk to Amyra, I know how to ruin Sikander’s life.

Amyra was on a call with Chandan and Chandan said, princess I am sorry, they have asked me for lot of money and I can’t afford, if it was Kulfi I would have managed but it’s you and you aren’t that much important to me.

Precap : Masterji found Amyra and said, I will take you to Sikander but she said, no ways…Read more

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