Amyra Learns Sikander Is Not Her Father. Little Singer Kulfi 20 March 2023, Monday Pt2: Episode 336


The episode began with Lovely asking Sikander, where is Amyra? Sikander replied, we will find her and lovely panicked. Kulfi was praying to God and there Amyra walked in crying. Sikander rushed to her but she pushed him aside and hugged lovely. Sikander walked to her and said Amyra my princess, are you alright, I was dying to see you. He narrated the story to her and said now no one will separate us, dad is back to you.

Gunjan asked, how did you come back Amyra? Amyra replied, my dad didn’t come to find me, so I came on my own, he always liked kulfi more than me, I didn’t want to give him any pressure. Sikander said, why say all this, I am now seeing you after so long, I was looking for you everywhere, I love you my princess and kulfi was also searching for you, she is your sister, we broke down when we didn’t see you, no one can break us now.

Amyra had Tevar’s photo in her hand. Flash back showed Masterji getting Amyra and he said, let’s go to Sikander. Amyra said I don’t want to go to him, my dad said Kulfi is more important to him than me, I thought my dad is the best and that he loves me more but he found Kulfi, why doesn’t he love me? Masterji said because you are lovely and Tevar’s daughter). Amyra thinks, my dad is Tevar, this is why he doesn’t love me and loves Kulfi more.

Sikander and kulfi were together and Sikander said, I am sorry Nimrat, I made her lie. Kulfi said but we did it for the sake for Amyra. Sikander said, now no evilness can trouble my Kulfi because she has her baba with her,Nimrat you are happy right? A then star shorn. Amyra saw Sikander and kulfi together and she felt bad. Sikander said, you are same like Nimrat but you are a bit like me too, like your hair and your smile, it like me.

Kulfi asked, then why didn’t you recognize me at first? Sikander replied, because you were Kulfi Singh not kulfi. kulfi said but you got lost, I right away understood that man wasn’t you. Sikander asked how? Kulfi said he never seemed like you and when he hugged me, he didn’t smell like you. Sikander smiled and said nimi, I will tell the whole world that kulfi is mine.

Lovely walked to Sikander and kulfi, took Kulfi onto her lap and and hugged her saying, you are now kulfi Sikander Singh Gill. Kulfi smiled and hugged he. Sikander started crying and Amyra felt bad. Mohendar called everyone and said Bebe is home and they all rushed to her.

Bebe hugged Kulfi and was very happy and she said, Amyra is fine and kulfi is back. She then asked kulfi when is her birthday? Kulfi replied, I was a baby when I was born, so I don’t know, here I saw that everyone celebrates this day. Sikander said I know when is her birthday. Amyra was standing aside alone. Sikander said, today we shall celebrate her birthday because today I have my daughter back.

Amyra asked, was my birthday real or we were just celebrating randomly? Sikander responded, what’s wrong, we were all with you when you were born. Amyra got angry and left, Sikander was following her but lovely stopped him and said I know her, she is facing her fear, we need to give her time, she has to understand that she and kulfi have equal places in this house now.

Amyra was thinking of Sikander and kulfi together and how Sikander always stood up for kulfi. Lovely and Sikander walked to her. lovely said, we know you are upset because you will have to share your dad but sharing love increases it, I now know it’s value, we were wrong about kulfi, kulfi got your dad home safe and sound, you and me didn’t realize that Chandan wasn’t Sikander but Kulfi did and she fought, she also got you home.

please try to understand, she always wanted to be your friend but she is your sister, I am sorry I took you on the wrong path, I am begging, please choose the right path and let’s live together as one happy family. Amyra said, I know everything and she left.

Lovely said, Sikander she will need time and also kulfi won’t give up, I wish I knew the truth earlier. Sikander hugged and consoled her. Lovely said, it’s kulfi’s birthday today, I want to do something for her, I want to throw a party for her.

Sikander said, I have one responsibility waiting.

Pre cap : Kulfi was celebrating her birthday, Amyra then pushed kulfi’s face into the cake and Sikander scolded her.

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