Sikander Hears Tevar Is Not Kulfi’s Father. Little Singer Kulfi 20 October 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 127


The episode started with Tevar meeting Lovely and confronted her for not seeing Kulfi. He asked her why is she not concerned for Kulfi, if she loves Amyra. He asked Lovely if Kulfi isn’t her child. He criticized her for not having any emotions for Kulfi, he still believed Lovely’s lie. He reminded Lovely that Kulfi is their daughter and that Kulfi needs both of them.

Kulfi met Lovely and hugged her. She became happy and asked Tevar not to be angry at Lovely. Kulfi was missing Sikandar. Lovely told her that Sikandar is fine. Kulfi then went to send flowers for Sikandar. Lovely wanted Tevar and Kulfi to leave from their lives.

She asked Tevar to take Kulfi away, so that they aren’t connected further. Tevar asked Lovely if she has lost her mind that she hates her own daughter. Lovely kept her lie and got frustrated within. She dumped the flowers given to her by Kulfi and she wanted to stop Mohendar from installing doubt in Sikandar’s mind.

Tevar found ways to cheer Kulfi again. Sikandar also spent time with Amyra and wished he gets her back like before. Amyra became delighted that Sikandar’s time is just dedicated to her. Though happy, he misses Kulfi the same way Kulfi misses him. Mohendar alerted Sikandar about Tevar and told him that Tevar isn’t Kulfi’s dad. Sikandar told him that he is assured that Tevar is Kulfi’s dad. Mohendar then tried to lend him some sense.

Sikandar told him that he will try to find out. Lovely asked Mohendar to look after his wife and not bother them. Mohendar was sure that Sikandar will reach the truth and get Kulfi home to give her all the rights. Lovely compelled Sikandar to think of just of Amyra and nobody else. Sikandar was ready to do anything for Amyra. Lovely feared that Sikandar may meet Kulfi again.

Kulfi was having a sleepless night, Tevar tried some bedtime stories to put her to sleep. He found Kulfi too innocent and felt proud that his daughter has a clean heart. He attempted to be a good father.

He came up with a good story, which brought a thought in his mind too. She told him that her situation is also the same. Tevar didn’t want to see Kulfi’s pain. He told her that he also understands her pain and wants to do something for her. He then felt he failed as a father but Kulfi didn’t like Tevar crying and they pacified each other. He then decided to meet Sikandar. Sikandar became suspicious about Tevar.

Tevar met Sikandar and told him about Kulfi. Sikandar wanted to know about her. Tevar told him that Kulfi is too upset, but tries to hide her sorrow behind her smile. He made a request to Sikandar. He asked him not to hurt Kulfi’s heart again and claimed to love Kulfi a lot.

He asked him to meet Kulfi once, being far away, and reaching her by a song. Sikandar sang a soothing song for Kulfi, Amyra woke up and found Sikandar recording a lullaby for Kulfi. Sikandar then decided to verify Kulfi and Tevar’s bond…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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