Kulfi & Sikander Together Again. Little Singer Kulfi 20 October 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 128


The episode started with Sikander singing songs in the bathroom, Amyra knocked the door, Sikander cleared his chat history and Amrya asked why are you singing in bathroom, Sikander said you were sleeping so.Tevar placed Sikanders song on, the music woke Kulfi up and tried to look for him,she then walked to speaker.

Tevar was hiding and watching her, Kulfi hugged the speaker and went to sleep,Tevar smiled looking at Kulfi in peace. Tevar was on the terrace crying and said what is my mistake that my daughter is near me yet close to Sikander,i can’t even put her to sleep and Sikander can give her everything, what’s wrong with my love, i won’t loose, i will win her love, she will realise only i am her dad.

Bebe said Mohander i know you are going against lovely,do you think kulfi will be happy here and not with Tevar,Mohendar said i just know she will be happy with her father, Sikander said you are right,Tevar is her father,i know i love kulfi a lot and i know one will like i do but Tevar understand her pain, she hasn’t slept for the past three nights, so last night Tevar came to me and asked for help, Lovely heard them talk.

Kulfi was talking to a picture said i know Sikander sir you aren’t upset so we will be friends again, Tevar walked in and said look i got so many clothes choose, Kulfi said oh this luxury life, there’s always, i have to choose for,it was so easy in the village, Tevar said if we walk on one path when will we see the world, Kulfi said the problem isn’t with that, the problem is that i have to choose between you and Sikander sir, please get on one side so i don’t have to be in this state, Tevar said the elders world isn’t so easy and left,Kulfi said i have to work on this and get them patched up.

Lovely stopped mohendar and said how do you feel losing and now look Sikander accepted the fact too so why don’t you, now see, Tevar loves kulfi and is working hard to get along with her,so you get it too, Mohendar said that’s not the point,i want Sikander to know the truth and i will make sure he will and left, Lovely said oh this man.

kulfi was in kitchen,Tevar became angry and said kids don’t come to the kitchen, Kulfi said i am used to working in the kitchen and do all the hosue hold chores,mami use to make me do everything and Tevar felt bad, Amyra was making excuses and said mom i don’t eat one thing everyday and threw the tantrums, Sikander heard it and said Amyra enough, you won’t talk to mom this way,you are lucky you have everything to eat,finish your breakfast,few people are so unlucky and Amyra said like kulfi.

Tevar said you won’t enter the kitchen,Kulfi said taste this,Tevar said they are yummy, he kissed her hands and said only my mom use to make it. Amyra said dad you always talk about kulfi,i am leaving now, Sikander said enough Amyra, it’s not kulfi, it’s about food, it’s wrong and if you leave there wont be food for you, but if you apologize, i will have breakfast with you, Amyra said sorry mom and Sikander hugged her.

Kulfi said Sikander sir likes it and now you too,so patch up and be friends, Tevar thinks, my daughter is so innocent and said things aren’t so easy,Kulfi said i had a thought so i made an attempt. Sikander was having breakfast with Amyra,he got a call from Tevar but ignored it.

Tevar and Sikander met, Tevar hand him a tiffin, Sikander opened it in tears and he tasted it, Tevar said kulfi made it so that we patch up, my problem is why did you love my daughter so much, Sikander said she gave me love that i didn’t, Tevar said i am trying hard to connect but it’s taking time, i know one thing, Amyra has asked you not allow kulfi enter the house but you can come to kulfis house.

Kulfi prepared her bed and kissed her picture with Sikander. Sikander walked to Tevars House, Kulfi felt it and run out and they both saw eachother,Tevar was watching them, Kulfi run to Sikander and hugged him while Sikander was in tears.

Kulfi said you two did so much for me and one last thing for me, patch up please. Amyra said i am sure dad is with kulfi, Lovely said he isn’t, let’s go check…Read more

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