Kulfi Decides To Sing For Money. Little Singer Kulfi 20 September 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 83


The episode started with Sikander in the music room,Kulfi asked him are you thinking about something? okay i won’t trouble,even i am thinking and she left. Lovely was in her room meditating and the robot came there,Lovely was surprised.

Kulfi came and picked it up and said sorry i kept it in the room, i don’t know how it came here, Lovely said but these are Amyra’s, Kulfi said yes, she gave it to me play.

Lovely said sorry Kulfi i should have gotten you new ones but no worries i will buy you some tomorrow,Kulfi said it ok don’t, this toy will feel bad, i dont want new toys, i just got friendly with them,Lovely said ok,Kulfi left and went to the balcony.

Sikander saw her imitating him and asked what are you doing,Kulfi said trying to think like you, Sikander asked what is the problem,Kulfi said tomorrow is Lovely ma’am birthday, Sikander said oh I am a fool, i forgot it,Kulfi said no worries, now you can do something in the party.

Sikander said but Ma is unwell,Kulfi said if there will be a party, dadi will be very happy and that will help her cure fast, Sikander said how come you are so smart,Kulfi said i helped you but you are leaving without hearing mine.

Sikander said oh i am very sorry tell me,Kulfi said, i want to gift her but i have nothing. Sikander said oh it not a big problem, elders don’t need gift from kids they just need love and left.

Kulfi said but how will i show love, Amyra and her friends need 100, Kulfi saw jagira with the others,he asked Kulfi whats wrong,Kulfi said i need money for Amyra and her friends, left, right said, stay away from her, they just fool you.

Amyra walked in and asked what did you say,don’t waste time here come with me i have lot of preparation to be done for Mom’s birthday,Jagira said i will give this money and join,Amyra said no ways, right away ,Kulfi said Nano may I,Jagira said ok it’s 200, go give it to them.

Kulfi prayed, God please show me some way.Sikander went to Lovely and said sorry,i again forgot your birthday please forgive me, tell me what can i do for you, handed her her a robot,Lovely said this creepy toy is enough and smiled.

Sikander asked why are you upset, Lovely said nothing, Sikander said Mom and dad right,talk to them,Lovely said come on Sikander, you know he has crossed lines, I don’t want this topic please and your album?

Sikander said not yet, Lovely said it’s okay, I know you are trying just dont give up, we have to prove dad wrong because he has done mistake, i am here with you, i have to show dad no Tevar is better than Sikander so please work.

Sikander was looking at his spoilt diary, Mahinder asked why are you looking at it, it has nothing, Sikander said i am looking for Sikander in it,the one who could make music on at finger tips,is my music leaving me, mahinder said tell me.

have you written all the songs here in any other diary, Sikander remembered Nimrat and said now it won’t be possible to get that diary, Lovely was in Kulfi’s room.

she placed the toy near the diary and left.Sikander said i gave her so much pain, she must have burnt it, i wish i could ask her, Mahinder thinks she is far away from you and you can never see her,

Tevar was in the temple performing pooja and Kulfi arrived there,Kulfi see Tevar washing the pandits feet and perform pooja and,Kulfi handed the money and heard people talk that parvati won’t be coming and there won’t be singing.

he said i paid her 500,Kulfi walked to him and said i will sing for you, if you like pay me just 100

Pre cap: Kulfi dressed as a singer, Tevar heard her and said to himself your baba is here to take you dear…Read more

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