Kulfi Earns Money From Singing. Little Singer Kulfi 20 September 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 84


The episode started with Kulfi walking to the organiser dressed in Parvati outfit,he said go on stage and sing a song, Kulfi looked at the footprint of Sikander and took blessings,she then began her performance.

Tevar stopped to find who it was.Dadi said to Mahinder, doesnt this voice sounds similar to Kulfi,Gunjan said yes and he is a boy but has a voice of a girl,why do you look so uneasy.

Dadi said Kulfi gave her voice to Amyra,and thinks i can never tell Sikander the truth, God do something that Kulfi gets her dad and Lovelys family doesn’t break too.

Tevar saw Kulfi sing,they all cheered for Kulfi’s song,Tevar said what a voice, who’s daughter is she.Mahider and Sikander were discussing about how peaceful Kulfi’s voice is, Sikander said how does it reach the heart.

Mahinder said because of truth we elders as we grow we learn to leave with the lies, we dont have daring people to tell us the truth, this heart has no softness left,that poor child’s voice doesn’t reach there and started crying, Sikander said tell me what’s wrong, Mahinder said just some past thing.

Tevar said marvelous kid. The Organiser gave Kulfi money and she said i just want 100, the organiser said so sweet tele, what do you want,Kulfi said nothing for me just that Lovely maam and her family stays happy.

Organiser said tell me her full name,Kulfi said Lovely Sikander Gill,he announced on the mic and Tevar stopped hearing it.

Tevar looked at Kulfi and said your dad is here for you,Master asked why did you say, that what pain is that dweling inside you,who gave you and what is it ,Tevar said with great difficulty i have hidden this truth, don’t ping it or else and started laughing,Master said one day the truth will be out and left.

Kulfi with her 100 note and very happy,she said if Ma had them she would buy so many things for me,she always did,she never bought anything for herself, always for me and if i knew,when her birthday was, i would have bought gift for her,she was is in tears and dreams.

i would go to the room when ma would go to the farm and decorate the room,and would buy kites too, first use for decoration and then play with it,would make pakoda and papad and cream biscuit and motichor ladoo,and buy bangles for her too of different colours.

Kulfi dreamt of getting Nimrat in the room blindfolded,and surprise her,Nimrat after seeing the decorations, hugged the kids,Nihalo and setu walked in,Setu was playing dhol and Nihalo dancing and they all joined her.

jonny then barked,Kulfi said it would be so fun but i dont have my baba, it would be fun if he was there too and dreamt of her father walking in with a bouquet, Kulfi was waiting to see who it was, but she opened her eyes and said if i had money i would celebrate moms birthday but for now let’s celebrate Lovely ma’am birthday.

Precap: Kulfi said Amyra look i got money,Amyra said we dont need just go out,Kulfi said ok,i will see you directly at the party now,Amyra got angry and asked Rohan to keep her away from the party…Read more

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