Kulfi Saves Amyra’s Life, Sikander Gets Acc!dent. Little Singer Kulfi 21 February 2023, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 298


The Episode started with Kulfi saying I can’t let anything happen to Amyra, I have passed this test, let me help Amyra. Sikandar cried and hugged her. Doctor said we can’t perform the operation without your permission, sign the papers. Kulfi said you love Amyra a lot, nobody has to fall sick, if I can help Amyra, everything will be fine.

Mohendar said sign it, time is passing by. Kulfi said I promise, nothing will happen to both of us. Sikandar signed the papers when Kulfi insisted and he hugged Kulfi. The Doctor took Kulfi for the operation and everyone cried. Sikandar kissed Amyra’s forehead and sent her.

He saw Kulfi and went to her. He held her hand and said you make promises and fulfill it, I won’t spare you if you don’t get fine and come out, don’t break my promise and Kulfi wiped his tears.

Doctor said we got the donor, but it’s a risky operation, pray for both the girls and he left. Sikandar cried seeing Amyra and Kulfi. He said the doctors are trying hard to save them, I will do anything to save them and he run away. He came to a Dargah and prayed. The operation was going on, Lovely looked on and prayed.

Sikandar went to the church and prayed. He came to the temple and said I know you love your devotees, save my daughters, they are young and innocent, spare them, you can’t leave them, make a deal with me, take my life but save them. Doctor said operation successful and Lovely smiled. A man was running from somewhere, Sikandar got into his car and left.

The man jumped in the car and threatened Sikandar, the Police were following. Sikandar said what do you want, take my car, let me go. The man said just drive to the highway, it will be a problem if the car stops. Sikandar said my daughters are ill, let me go to them, just take whatever you want. He held the man’s hand and threw the knife and they fought. Sikandar saw the bridge and got worried.

The car hits the bridge and the man fell out of the car. Sikandar also fell over the steering and then fell down the car in a wounded state. He got up and fell again. Doctor said don’t worry, Amyra and Kulfi are out of danger, they will be totally fine if they take good rest and Lovely thanked him. She got a call and was shocked. She said Sikandar…

They ask what! She said he met with an accident, he is in the same hospital here, he is in OT and they rushed to him. Amyra saw Kulfi and said I did so bad to you, I have stolen your song too, why did you save my life.

Kulfi said some things are constant, it has to happen, you are my sister, I had to help you, I am not a bad girl and Amyra thanked her. Kulfi said another fact is Sikandar is my dad too, I want to call him my dad, it’s my right, you can’t snatch my right, you have to take your promise back. Lovely and everyone cried seeing Sikandar in OT.

Doctor came and said he has met with a bad accident, he has a broken ribs, head injury and vocal cords damage, nothing can be said as of now. Lovely said don’t say this, help him recover. Doctor said calm down, it’s a critical case.

we have to do many operations, it’s a process of many weeks, family’s prayers and love have much strength, pray for him and they cried. Lovely said Amyra… and Kulfi might come to know, please don’t say anything to them. Amyra said I don’t want to share my dad. Kulfi said I want my dad, you have the entire family, please take your promise back.

Doctor said it’s a bad news, we have saved Sikandar’s voice, but he won’t be able to sing again and everyone was shocked…Read more

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