Wow! Kulfi’s Birthday Is Today. Little Singer Kulfi 21 March 2023, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 337


The episode began with Kulfi seeing Amyra upset. Amyra was also thinking, everyone calls him my dad but he is not, he is nothing to me. Kulfi walked to her and said, I know you are upset but I love you. Amyra asked, I always troubled you, why do you love me? Kulfi replied, because you are my sister. Amyra said, no stupid, I am not your sister, these big people fool us always and she left.

Sikander visited Pakhi and Nandini’s house, a man opened the door and Sikander said I am sorry, I am here to see Nandini and Pakhi. Nandini said Bhola! I am sorry Sikander, meet Adarsh my husband, Pakhi’s father. Adarsh said, Nandini told me the whole story, I am back for Pakhi, please come in. Sikander said, no thank you, I am just here to thank Nandini and Pakhi, may I please see Pakhi. Nandini responded, she isn’t home. Pakhi was then hiding. Sikander said here’s a gift for Pakhi, please give her my love and blessings, he was leaving and Adarsh said we need to talk.

Amyra went into kulfi’s room, saw Tevar’s picture frame and broke it. she then tore the picture into pieces. Kulfi was about to walk into her room, Bebe called her and said, here’s your new dress for your birthday, your baba got it for you. Amyra saw it and felt jealous.

It was Kulfi’s birthday party and her friends arrived. Mohendar introduced them to Bebe. Sikander walked out with Amyra and kulfi and Kulfi was very excited. She saw her friends and rushed to them, they all wished her happy birthday. Bansi said, you looking so pretty, Zinda also said, you are finally living the day you dreamt of.

Kulfi responded, it’s like a dream. Rocket said, it’s not, you worked hard for this day. Sikander became emotional and said kulfi, you waited 8 years for this day. Bebe said, all is well, see we are all together. Sikander said, these are gifts for your previous birthdays till now, Kulfi was very excited and opened each gift.

Sikander gifted her a Payal, harmonium and a bag. Amyra said, what all this, is this a birthday or a joke, why didn’t you give her a big doll house, you gave me so many big things on my birthday, what all this, and why are you hiding such big thing? everyone knows she is your daughter, she then left.

Sikander sang for Amyra while she was leaving and lovely stopped her. Kulfi’s birthday cake arrived, Sikander said, wish before you blow the candles. Kulfi said, I got what I wanted, it’s such a pretty cake, I don’t feel like cutting it. Lovely smiled and said come on, Kulfi gave everyone cake and walked to Amyra. Amyra then applied the cake to kulfi’s face. Sikander asked why did you do this? Amyra held kulfi’s face and pushed it into the cake. Sikander scolded Amyra and pushed her but later calmed himself and walked to Amyra. Amyra said, stay away from I am not your princess.

Precap : Amyra said, my problem is I am not your daughter, I know the truth that I am Tevar’s daughter…Read more

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