Kulfi Wins Father Battle Over Amura. Little Singer Kulfi 21 March 2023, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 338


The episode began with Amyra stopping Sikander and said, you are liar stay away, why did you do this to me, why did you tell me you love me? She walked to lovely and said, why couldn’t I figure out, you are a liar, so you will lie to me as well, you liar, kulfi you are happy right, you see me as a loser. Lovely said enough Amyra, you are crossing all limits now.

Amyra said enough you too, I loved you the most but you care about kulfi and not me. Sikander asked, why is it a problem that kulfi is my daughter? Amyra said no, the problem is I know the truth that I am Tevar’s daughter. Everyone became shocked. Gunjan said, the truth is finally out. kulfi remembered Amyra and Tevar’s connection.

Sikander asked Amyra, who told her? Forget about it, it’s not true. Amyra said, you are liar. Kulfi said he is not. Amyra said yes, he is. Sikander said I can’t lose you Amyra, you are my life, I am your dad. Amyra said if that is the case, then why is Kulfi here, all what I did for your love nothing worked, all you care about is Kulfi because she is your daughter and I am not.

Sikander said, come here Amyra, listen to me. Amyra said, I kept thinking why don’t you choose me, now I know because I am no one to you, when my own father left me why will you accept me, when I thought my dad loves just me I found out he was a thieve, my mom who fought for me, now is all for Kulfi. Lovely responded, that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. Amyra hugged Kulfi and said you won Kulfi, congratulations.

Amyra locked herself in the room. Sikander asked kulfi to stay with her friends, he and lovely then rushed to Amyra and asked her to open the door. Sikander said, you are my daughter, who told you, how did you believe all this? Bebe said, Amyra will do something miserable now, she won’t tolerate all this, I am scared, this is God’s signs, I won’t allow Amyra do anything miserable. Mohendar said, she is ours, how can you say that? Bebe replied, I know she is mine but this time I won’t allow all this, Kulfi won’t be hurt anymore, Amyra won’t hurt her anymore, I won’t let that to happen,

Sikander broke the door and saw the whole room shattered. Bebe said, I know Sikander will never differentiate between Amyra and kulfi but Amyra will keep hurting kulfi, kulfi is mine and I won’t let her be hurt by Amyra, Kulfi has the first right. Mohendar said, what’s wrong with you. Bebe said, you don’t agree with me but I believe in this, Kulfi is the eldest daughter here.

Sikander walked to Amyra. Bansi said, I felt like slapping Amyra. Kulfi said enough you all, why don’t you feel Amyra’s pain, she will slowly understand, even I did, so will she. This time round, I know how it feels to call someone else your baba but I will talk to Amyra, now you all go, Rajan must be waiting for you and they all left,

Sikander was trying to hugged Amyra but she moving. lovely and Sikander tried to calm her but she shouted, leave me alone. lovely stopped Sikander and said let her stay alone for some time and she took Sikander away. Sikander kept pleading with Amyra to talk to him. Kulfi walked to Amyra and Amyra asked, why are you here? Oh right, you must be feeling happy to see me cry, all because Sikander is a liar.

Kulfi said, there must be something behind it. Amyra asked what, my dad left me, the person I call dad isn’t my father, no one loves me. Kulfi then remembered Tevar’s teaching and said I stayed with your dad and I called him my dad when he wasn’t my dad and I knew it, he would have loved you the most and about Sikander, you are his life. Amyra said, thank you for reminding me that everyone loves you.

Precap : Sikander said, Amyra I agree I am not your biological dad but I brought you up, you are known by me, just turn around and come back to your dad but Amyra ran away. Bebe said, Sikander don’t follow her, Amyra has to understand the truth…Read more

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