Kulfi Wins Admission With Singing. Little Singer Kulfi 21 November 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 166


The Episode started with the Principal scolding Tevar and Sikander and blamed them for cheating, Tevar defended her and said asked her to please stay in her limits and said i know Amyra and her friends have troubled her before as well, the principle asked Tevar not to blame her students to protect kulfi and leave with kulfi.

she will get no admission here, kulfi apologized and said i haven’t cheated, i want to study, the principal yelled at them and asked them to leave.

Mohendar said let me talk to Sikander, lovely said why will he deny for treatment but with this face of yours, he will find something fishy, mohendar said but leaving him alone, lovely said he isn’t alone, I am with him and anything for Amyra and her dad, now leave.

Tevar complained to Sikander, Sikander said calm down please, Tevar said how will I , my daughter has worked so hard and kulfi walked away, Sikander and Tevar started looking for her. lovely saw miscalls and called her back, Amyra told her the plan worked, kulfi walked to Amyra in tears and said don’t be happy i failed, Amyra thinks thank god she heard nothing and asked what happened.

kulfi explained to her and Amyra said why didn’t you defend yourself, kulfi said i did but ma’am didn’t hear us and scolded everyone, Amyra said no worries, we will find another school, kulfi said but baba and Sikander sir, they are let down, she started thinking about chiroli, Amyra asked where are you lost, kulfi run away and went to the principal’s office and pleaded with her but the principal threw her out.

Kulfi started singing and explaining her situation, Amyra, tevar and Sikander walked to her, slowly other student’s and teachers gathered. Tevar and Sikander got emotional, Kulfi had all the insults on her mind, while singing, she using English words in her song, she pleaded the peon to let her in.

Tevar got on his knees along with kulfi, the principal opened the door and said this will be your last chance and any mistake you won’t be heard, you will have to walk away, Amyra became upset.

The principal took kulfi in, Amyra thinks God what is this. The Principal started the test. Tevar and Sikander panicked standing out, Tevar said kulfi won’t be admitted even Amyra will be upset, Amyra thinks she isn’t my friend instead she is my dad’s daughter and so i want her to stay away from my dad as my mom said.

Kulfi walked out, Tevar said let this school go to hell, i will admit you in another school, don’t be upset, Kulfi started laughing and said i am part of this school now, Tevar and Sikander started dancing in joy, Amyra then felt bad.

The Principal walked out and said she is very smart and Tevar apologized for his behaviour, Amyra thinks about the warning given by lovely and Sikander will go away from her, happy Kulfi went to amyra, thanked her and gave her a big hug.

Precap: Sikander said let’s party, kulfi said no we have to go to chiroli and lovely asked Sikander to stop them…Read more

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