Sikander Patches Up With Kulfi. Little Singer Kulfi 21 October 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 129


The episode started with Amyra waking up and finding Sikander missing in the room and he looked for him. Sikander and Kulfi were in tears,Sikander apologied to kulfi for being so harsh and rude,Kulfi stopped him and said I know you were helpless, I lived so many days with you so I knew there was some reason behind it, became always you don’t hurt people,even my mom used to do so.

she would tell mami she will hit me in the room but would start crying when we would get there and wiped Sikanders tears,Sikander asked how are you,Kulfi looked at Tevar standing at the corner of the garden and got him near Sikander and held their hands, she said I knew you got that lori for me and so do one little thing for me,patch up please,they both looked at each other and remembered the argument.

Amyra cried infront of lovely and said I know dad is with that dirty girl, he misses her and doesn’t love me,Lovely said baby dad loves you, I will go check,Amyra said I will,Lovely thinks if she goes and Sikander is really with Kulfi, her heart would break. kulfi said come on forget the past,shake your hands and patch up,they both smiled at each other and shook hands,Kulfi then started dancing.

Sikander said naughty girl always convinces, now I have to leave,Kulfi said till Amyra calms down,I can’t come to your place right, I won’t force but come at times to see me,Sikander said you know what, it’s Ganesh utsav from tomorrow, we will have ganpati bapa in the society and everyone will be down and so you can meet not just me but everyone else,Kulfi said that’s so nice and hugged him.

Amyra and lovely were going downstairs to check where Sikander is,Amyra became impatient and asked who is holding on to the lift for so long,Lovely said baby calm down,Sikander then walked out with Mohendar,Amyra asked, dad where were you,you were with kulfi right answer me? Mohendar said he was with me,we were talking about something important,Amyra hugged him and said I am sorry I was so scared that you got angry and went back to Kulfi.

Sikander kissed Amyra and said I am sorry kid, come let’s go to bed and walked away with her,Kulfi and Tevar were playing in the garden,Kulfi thanked him and said I am so sleepy shall I, Tevar was very happy and rested her head on his chest and said go to sleep,Kulfi fell asleep and Tevar was very happy.

Lovely asked Mohendar, what important talk was it,will it cure bhabhi,what are you trying to do,he said what happened with gunjan was just an accident and would Sikander be so calm and with Amyra if I had told him the truth, Lovely asked so what was it,Mohendar said go ask him and left. Lovely walked in and asked what important talk was it, Sikander walked to her and said let’s go out.

Lovely asked what was so important that you had to leave Amyra and Bhaiya had to talk to you so late,Sikander said why be so worried, it was just about bhabhi and her health,Lovely said you are hiding something tell me what is it,Sikander said yes I am,I had to go meet Kulfi because she hasn’t slept for the past 3 days,Lovely said it all okay but Bhaiya,Sikander said he just covered for Amyra,Lovely said fine and left.

Sikander got a message reading you got it right what you have to do. Mohendar met Sikander downstairs and told Sikander that by reading Kulfi’s diary me and lovely found out,Kulfi father was a famous singer but Tevar became a singer just now,Sikander said you are so right,we need to go through the diary for more details,Mohendar said one more thing, Lovely is too scared for Amyra and so it better to keep all this a secret even from her,Sikander replied to Mohendar and said yes all will be fine soon.

Tevar took a picture of kulfi while she was asleep,Kulfi woke up and looked at the picture and started laughing,Tevar said now get ready let go,we have to welcome Ganesha,Kulfi said yes I have to thank him too,because I prayed to meet you near Ganesha,Tevar said I thought you never wanted me,Kulfi said I did.

Sikander sir is very nice but not my father,Tevar said I am very Happy. Amyra was with Bebe preparing for Ganesh Chaturthi, Sikander walked in and said I have recording work,i will come back soon, Amyra if you miss me call me. Kulfi hugged Tevar and said I know you didn’t want to patch up with Sikander sir but for me you did,you are very nice.

Sikander walked to tevars house while Tevar and kulfi were playing,Kulfi left him and rushed to Sikander upon seeing him and hugged him,Sikander said I have a gift for you,and handed her ganpati idol,Kulfi was very happy and showed it to Tevar,Tevar said very pretty, go keep it inside and Kulfi run inside,Sikander said sorry.

I am giving frequent visits which isn’t good but it’s just that I am too worried for kulfi,and so came to see her,and you know if we work together she will adjust quickly at your place, Tevar said thank you sir,I never thought we would be friends again,but because of my daughter we did, go talk to Kulfi you both will feel good,Sikander said thank you and walked in,

kulfi was in her room,Sikander walked in and said if my plan works I will find out if Tevar is Kulfi’s dad.

Pre cap :
Sikander prayed to Ganesha to help him show the truth, Sikander checked Tevar’s old pic and one in her locket and said this means Tevar isn’t kulfi dad…Read more

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