Shocking! Kulfi Falls Sick. Little Singer Kulfi 21 September 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 85


The Episode Started With Lovely’s party starting off but Kulfi couldn’t join the party as she still has a stomach pain. Sikandar made an entry, fell on his knees and gave a red rose to Lovely. Sikandar, Lovely and Amayra entered the party together.

Everyone sang happy birthday for Lovely. Kulfi was amazed by the grand party. The Kids danced for Lovely. Kulfi went to the washroom as she had a stomach upset. She then saw her old self in the mirror.

Her old self teased Kulfi and told her to forget her stomach pain and give happiness to Lovely. Kulfi promised to sing for Lovely. Lovely took blessings from Sikandar’s mother. Lovely’s parents came for the party and Lovely was tensed.

Sikandar said that he called them. Sikandar asked Lovely not to forget her parents. Kulfi wished Lovely for her birthday. Kulfi said he will give her a surprise. Amayra became very angry and asked her friend to do something to stop Kulfi. Mahinder announced that Sikandar will sing a song which he has written for Lovely.

Lovely was terrified to meet Tevar

Sikandar and Kulfi together were about to start the song but all of a sudden some music started playing and Tevar made an entry. Lovely was shocked to see Tevar. Mahinder got angry that Tevar gatecrashed their party.

Lovely looked on terrified. Lovely went and stood near Sikandar. Lovely was about to leave but Tevar held her hand and everyone was shocked. Tevar held Sikandar’s hand too,he then joined thier hands together.

Tevar gave a gift to Lovely and Lovely was tensed. Amayra asked Lovely to open the gift. Tevar unwrapped the gift. Lovely opened the box and found green mangoes in it and everyone laughed. Tevar said, life is like green mangoes.

I wanted to get a gift which would shock Lovely. Lovely reluctantly said thank you to Tevar. Tevar was celebrating with everyone and Sikandar looked at him.

Kulfi asked Sikandar when they will sing, he said he doesn’t know as the atmosphere of the party has changed, they will sing tomorrow. Kulfi was distressed as he has not given any gift to Lovely.

Precap: Tevar saw Kulfi and remembered her Parvati avtaar. Tevar then asked Sikandar who is that child…Read more

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