Will Kulfi Sing For Lovely. Little Singer Kulfi 22 August 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 42



The episode started with Lovely saying, kulfi it’s said we should always begin with sweet so Hera have this donut,how’s it,kulfi said it’s yummy,Amyra sawing lovely being longing and caring towards kulfi and was jealous.

lovely said kulfi will you sing for me,kulfi said yes I will,lovely said sing then,kulfi said I don’t sing like this,the song comes out on its own,lovely said when will it come then.

Amyra said, left, right get me donuts,soda,ice creams everything that the villager is having,what, mom thought I can’t have these if she won’t give me,I will order for it,left, right go right now, get me all of this,left said madam asked you not to.

Amyra said I want it and if she wants she should come and stop me,Sikander said Amyra what’s wrong, why are you so angry,Amyra said dada why is mom behaving this way,I feel like having ice cream,Sikander said calm down my princess your dada will get you ice cream and will talk to mom too.

Kulfi said to lovely, I don’t remember the last time when I had eaten so much,lovely said ok then sing now, your tummy is full right,kulfi said no I am full, so I feel sleepy,lovely said you shouldn’t sleep when you are full,kulfi murmured a song and lovely said sing come on.

kulfi said I don’t feel like I use to sing, I use to hear new song or mom use to scold me,lovely said I have new songs hear them,kulfi said oh I heard this song in Pathankot,kulfi thinks, oh shot I said pathankot.

She looked at lovely but she was unaware and said thank God she was not aware,kulfi said it’s noisy,I heard it in the village, there was music every where,lovely said I will do anything to make you sing and said think this is your village.

Kulfi asked how will I think it’s my village,lovely made her think it’s her village and while playing around hurts her leg,kulfi started singing looking at lovely,lovely said why did you stop sing more,kulfi said you fell so I sang you won’t fall always.

lovely acted as if she was hurt,kulfi started singing again, Sikander heard it and walked towards the room,lovely thinks how will I record, I have to act as if I have fallen down,she saw the footsteps at the door and said kulfi shhh,Sikander then walked away.

Lovely said kulfi come with me and took her to the music room but kulfi didn’t enter, she said Sikander sir hasn’t allowed me,lovely said don’t worry I am with you. Sikander got Amyra ice cream.lovely on Sikanders laptop started recording kulfi and said sing now,kulfi started singing.

sikander heard her voice and thinks is someone in my music room, she said I will be back Amyra and left, kulfi started missing Nimrat, lovely then felt bad for kulfi, listening to her lyrics and was in tears,kulfi was in tears too.kulfi finished her song and wiped her tears,lovely thinks I wish Amyra could sing like him then I would proudly say this is sikanders daughter.

Kulfi said you are filling my voice in this and was very happy,lovely said yes your voice,you will leave when you will get your bag and then when I will miss you I can listen to this,kulfi said you will miss me,lovely said we are friends now right, we had so much fun today and you know what friends do.

kulfi said they have snacks together,lovely said they keep secrets,and the secret is I will show this song to Sikander but until then, you won’t sing infront of anyone,kulfi said he will be happy listening to my voice,lovely said yes.

kulfi thinks he will listen to me singing and will be happy, I will ask him about my father,lovely said so promise you will keep our secret and kulfi said i promise.

Kulfi said I will tell everything except one thing my mama has asked me not to,lovely said okay and heard footsteps, Sikander opened the door and saw lovely in the room,kulfi was hiding behind the sofa,lovely said I was taking back up of photos come let’s talk.

it’s important and winked at kulfi.lovely told Sikander, your mom said our fights are affecting Amyra and I think she is right,Sikander started laughing and said you think my mom is right,lovely said come on.

you know I can do anything for Amyra and to get along together we all should go to the movie together, everyone, Bhaiya, bhabhi everyone,she hugged Sikander and thinks once his family leaves for the movie I will make an excuse and stay home with Amyra and then she will perform for roshan.kulfi said lovely is so nice, she will help me find my bag and also help me talk to sikander sir.

Pre cap:
lovely said Amyra this pen drive has a beautiful song, you will listen to it, learn its lyrics and tomorrow act,Amyra said no, sorry, I won’t do this, I can’t use someone else’s voice, I am going to dada and tell him what you are upto. Amyra clashed with kulfi and the pen drive fell into her hand,Sikander and lovely were there too…Read more