Sikander Overhears Kulfi Sing. Little Singer Kulfi 22 August 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 43



The episode started with Amyra having ice cream,lovely walked to her and said baby, Amyra said, what you think, If you spend time with that dirty boy, I will have no one? I have my dada,lovely said, if you want to have ice cream have it, no one will stop you, Amyra then asked.

why don’t I have to sing tomorrow to Roshan uncle,lovely closed the door and said, no one knows about him coming so be quite, Amyra said, then don’t I have to sing,lovely said you have to perform not sing, Amyra said like in films,lovely said yes, this pen drive has a song, you have to learn the lyrics,you have to do lipsing and he will love you and select you.

Amyra asked mom who sang this song,lovely said don’t bother about it,just focus on the performance, Amyra took the pendrive and said no way, I am going to inform dada what you are upto, Amyra dashed out and meet kulfi and the pendrive fell at Sikanders feet.

kulfi looked at lovely and saw Sikander pick up the pen drive, Amyra said dada mom is,lovely said Amyra you shouldn’t run on the corridors,kulfi asked what? lovely said careful, you may get hurt and go play with Jonny, he must be missing you and kulfi rushed out.

Lovely said Amyra come here and whispered, baby don’t you remember your birthday, if you want to be like dada and make him proud,Sikander said tell me too,lovely smiled and said it’s our private matter, right Amyra and Amyra nodded yes,lovely said go Amyra and said to Sikander, let’s go to dinner after the movie and go talk to your family.

Kulfi was talking to stars and said ma I ate english sweet and lovely maam is same as you but she allows me to sing unlike you, let me sing my new song for you,she sang and said sorry ma I can’t sing further because I have to hide this from everyone, let me find a place where no one can see me and hear me.

Dadi was looking for her specs,Sikander walked to her and took it from her forehead, Dadi thinks it mahendar but looked at Sikander and kept quite,Sikander said let me wash the glasses, give it me and went to the washroom.

kulfi was hiding outside the washroom pipelines and singing,Sikander heard the song through the tap and he became confused,kulfi was looked at the star.

Sikander was confused and said how come I hear a kid sing from the pipe lines, it must be my imagination and left,kulfi said ma it was good right,Sikander gave dadi her specs and said ma till when will you not to talk to me,atleast scold me.

Dadi said I know you regret your mistake but I am worried for your daughter, don’t let your past ruin your future,Sikander said you spoke to lovely right,she told me and we spoke about it, we won’t let Amyra be affected because of us and lovely has planned movie and dinner together for the whole family for Amyra.

Amyra will be so happy, Dadi said lovely planned this,Sikander said yes she is trying and she told me it was you who told her, Dadi said if she wants us to be part of her family we will come.

Cutie said lovely without Sikanders notice you are doing, this it’s not correct,lovely said dad has no problem why do you have as always,cutie said you have so many problems all because of your dad,lovely said it’s al covered and told her the whole plan.

Amyra said mom you are making me a liar too, what’s wrong with my voice, why are you doing all this,lovely said you need to practice honey, that will take time and you know the movie will be now and so we need this contract and you want to be a superstar right, so go by heart the lyrics.

cutie said Sikander will never like this and this will ruin your marriage, Amyra became scared,lovely said mom stop scaring my daughter, Amyra asked mom whose voice is this,lovely said stop it all this, just go focus on tomorrow.

Jagira and kulfi were having food together,jagira asked why you sharing food with me,kulfi said you shared your food with me and so it’s a return,jagira asked what did you do to lovely maam that she became so happy.

kulfi said I prayed to the lord and see she agreed,jagira asked what are you hiding,kulfi said I am but can’t share, it’s our secret, The maid called kulfi and said lovely is calling you.

Lovely with servants asked them to look for kulfi’s bag,left said actually sir had found it and he gave it to me and then Jonny took it away,kulfi said it was my mother’s, that was the only thing I had and I have to go to the station tonight, how will I face mama now.

Pre cap:
lovely said jagira take him to the station,kulfi said but my bag,lovely said for now go and look for your mama.
Roshan with lovely and her family, Amyra threw the pendrive from the window and said if you don’t respect my feelings mom I won’t respect yours,kulfi came upstairs and said here’s your thing in which you recorded my voice….Read more