Sikander In A Critical State. Little Singer Kulfi 22 February 2023, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 299


The episode started with Kulfi saying am tried of fighting alone, Amyra please take back your promise, Amyra said okay, Kulfi said for the first time I will see my father as his daughter, he will know I am his daughter, Amyra said he knows about it, from the day you left the house, Kulfi remembered how he treated him when she had returned.

Kulfi said I thought he is away from me because he doesn’t know the truth but if he did why did he keep me away, if he did he would have treated me well, Amyra said I asked him to do so because I was going to die, she told Kulfi about her promise, Kulfi said this is not done, if he knew why did he do this, I want to see him right away and she got off the bed.

Lovely said Sikander fight for your daughter, Kulfi said I will ask my father, kulfi and Amyra heard the doctor talk about Sikander’s accident and they both insisted on seeing Sikander, Amyra was with lovely, Kulfi saw Sikander.

the doctor said Sikander is critical and he will be under observation for 24 hours, if he doesn’t show improvement we need to think of an alternatives, Kulfi said why do you always do this when it’s my turn to be upset you fall sick, I won’t scold you promise, just get better I want my baba back.

Doctors informed that Sikander is out of danger, they all took a sign of relief, the doctor said treatment is still on, he needs to be here, there will be still more operations and there’s a bad news, Sikander’s vocal chords are damaged, we couldn’t help him in on that, he would never sing again.

Kulfi was in shock, he is saved that’s a miracle so we ask you to please show patience with him, Amyra said mom, dad will never sing with me again, why mom. Kulfi remembered how Sikander helped her regain her voice and said for him music is worship, I will help him regain his music.

After a month, everyone was busy in decorating the house to welcome Sikander, Kulfi was making him his favorite pini, Amyra saw her, she looked at her cake and left. Kulfi said Jonny I am scared to see baba. Mohendar said Sikander we are home and Sikander got off the car, Lovely said wow Amyra you made cake for dad, he is going to love it, Amyra said enough mom, he will like all of kulfi’s stuff, my life isn’t going to be over.

Lovely explained her that her importance won’t be over and ask her not to worry, Amyra asked why Kulfi saved me, I can’t even fight with her, Lovely said Amyra, it’s life, things go on, enough of cribbling now, your mom loves you, get off the anger, dad is going to be here smile now.

Kulfi walked to them and said I made sweets, lovely said good let’s go, Lovely got a call, they were at door waiting for Sikander, Kulfi thinks for the first time I am going to call him baba, I am so happy. Sikander walked in and said kulfi, Amyra and lovely felt bad, Sikander said we all will have Kulfi, it’s time for celebration and Amyra felt better.

Sikander’s voice was damaged, he went out to hugged Amyra and said I was dying to see you, Kulfi also felt bad, Amyra said dad what are you saying, call me princess that’s what I like, Sikander said princess, Amyra hugged him and said mom look, dad has become so funny. Lovely noted Sikander’s behavior was difference.

Kulfi hugged him from behind and said we missed you so much, but you here we so happy, Sikander said okay and walked away. Amyra thinks wow dad pampered me not her I am so happy.

Pre cap : Sikander became scared when Jonny barked at him, Sikander said no Jonny no and walked to him to lift him but Jonny run away, Kulfi thinks why did Jonny run away…Read more

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