Kulfi Wins A Rockstar Contract. Little Singer Kulfi 22 March 2023, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 339


The episode began with Amyra saying to kulfi, everybody loves you. Kulfi said tell me, do you find this love fake, all this love isn’t fake. Amyra said I see reality and that is fake. Kulfi and Amyra walked out and Kulfi said look at me, I was looking for my father everywhere and I found him here in this house, you are the dearest in this house, you can ask everyone here, Lovely loves you so much, she still calls you baby and baba loves you more than me, he calls you princess, so patch up with your dad.

Amyra looked at Sikander and lovely. Sikander stopped Amyra while she was leaving and said baby I am sorry I hid the truth from, i lied to you to hide the harsh truth, I accept I am not your biological dad but you are mine, I brought you up, you are my shadow, I gave you an identity, you are Amyra Sikander Singh Gill and no one can deny that.

Please come back to your dad. Amyra was walking to Sikander but remembered how he behaved and she run back to her room. Sikander was going to her but Bebe stopped him and said stop, you have always asked for love, Amyra now has to understand, she has to get used to this truth. Lovely went to Amyra. Sikander was in his room upset and Kulfi heard him talk. Sikander said, I cheated Mimrat so life is cheating on me now, I have two daughters, one is my heart and one my heartbeat and every time, one is missing.

Lovely said, Amyra you have to understand that at times the truth is very harsh and hard to deal with and so we hide it, Kulfi was trying… Amyra said, enough of kulfi, go to her. lovely asked, but we are a team what’s wrong with you? Amyra replied I am all alone, I am in no team with you. Lovely said you may not be but I want you.

Amyra said, leave Kulfi then. Kulfi said, baba I know you are in pain but we are together, we will solve this problem, I know you will convince Amyra and Sikander hugged her. Kulfi said come with me, she took him to the music room and asked, what you do when you have to make music? Sikander said I meditate. Kulfi said right, meditate then, we will figure out things and find a solution too, come on let’s meditate. They then started meditating.

Sikander and kulfi saw Mia at the door. Mia said, I know Sikander you don’t like me that much, the show ratings was all I wanted but when I saw you and kulfi fight for the kids I thought how much could I do too, so I now need kulfi’s help to help the kids, I want to launch kulfi like a rock star, I want you to help her. Sikander thinks, Kulfi and Amyra will practice together and music will bond them and he said.

I will only agree when you launch both my girls. Mia asked, so Kulfi is really your daughter? Sikander replied yes, she is. Mia thinks, this drama is good if it continues then wow, I will earn so much. She said, I am excited, let’s arrange a press conference then, Amyra all what went on.

Kulfi and Sikander walked to Amyra. Amyra said, your lie is haunting me, my homework was to write about a person I love, look I wrote my dad taught me never to lie, never cheat but my dad did all this to me, what will I do now. Sikander said, write my dad loved me before I came to this world. Amyra said, I don’t trust you. Sikander said learn to then, now I have decided to launch both my daughters and will tell the whole world I have two daughters, Amyra you dreamt of becoming a superstar, I will fulfill it, I love you both equally. Amyra said, I want more but…. and she left.

Sikander walked to kulfi and asked, unable to sleep? Kulfi replied no. Sikander asked, what’s the problem? Kulfi said, I am scared that I will lose you again. Sikander said, you are my lioness right, i will always be with you. Kulfi said, promise me you will come to wake me up, I want to see you first thing in the morning. Sikander said yes, I will be here, Kulfi then fell asleep.

Precap : Sikander woke up and walked to kulfi’s room but Amyra said no ways, you can’t go to Kulfi before me…Read more

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