Kulfi Returns From Chiroli. Little Singer Kulfi 22 November 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 168


The Episode started with Sikander seeing kulfi at the elevator, kulfi walked to him, Sikander asked her what’s wrong, what did mama say:

kulfi met Nani in the village, Tevar walked to her and said mama is nowhere, we can’t stay here anymore, it’s Diwali ,your school, Kulfi said but mama, Tevar said i left my number to sarpanch, he will ask mama to call us.

kulfi said when will i meet mama now, you must be So happy right, Sikander said no dear. Setu said God I can’t hide the truth from kulfi anymore, Setu was in mumbai, Nihalo was following him, back then bholi asked, ma where are we going, Nihalo said stay with your Nani, i have to go check on your dad.

Sikander tried to calm kulfi,he said how can i be happy when you are sad, you are my daughter and daughters bring happiness and you are my best princess, you have always brightened everyones life, but your father, he doesn’t want to accept you, stupid man, kulfi said don’t say bad about him, Sikander said you know what, i want you to see your father but only when you become big and very successful and he regrets rejecting you and for that you need to go school, concentrate and study, it’s Diwali so it a good time to make a new start and kulfi hugged him.

kulfi said i will study hard and make everyone proud, Sikander said and now you shall never turn back and always move ahead, kulfi wiped sikander’s tears and said someday i will see my father, i believe that, Sikander said and i believe in you, he hugged her and she fell asleep.

Nihalo was following setu and said I am sure he must be going to kulfi, if he takes her away from where she is hidden, how will i get money, she saw a van carrying mentally ill people and said i have an idea.

Amyra and lovely were at Tevar’s house, Kulfi walked in with Sikander and Amyra felt bad, she asked what were you doing with my dad, Kulfi said just telling what i did in Chiroli, Amyra said okay i have to go, lovely said come on first say happy Diwali, Amyra said okay and gave kulfi a gift, kulfi said thank you can i open it, Tevar said come on, kulfi opened it,she saw a dress and said it’s so pretty, Sikander and Tevar praised her, Tevar asked lovely why is she doing all this, lovely said it’s your first Diwali, we will make it very special.

Nihalo stopped Setu and then complained to everyone around that he is troubling her and is mad, Setu was taken away in the van. Police caught her stealing Setu’s wallet and placed her behind the bars.

Bebe said today evening, we will perform laxmi pooja, i miss mohendar but no worrries, i have one more son here and looked at Tevar and with both my granddaughters, kulfi and Amyra came dressed, lovely said i shall drop Amyra, she was missing me, Amyra said yes, Tevar said okay i shall get my car, lovely signaled Amyra, Amyra said oh will dadi be alone,kulfi said no baba and Sikander sir stay here and help dadi with the Diwali preparations.

kulfi took blessings from bebe, Sikander and Tevar, Tevar said my blessings are always with you and it’s your first day, all the best. kulfi was taking lovely’s blessings she said enough let’s go, Sikander said Amyra be with her.

Precap; Kulfi drew below the school logo, Amyra said why did you do that. it’s not allowed…Read more

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