Tevar Reveals His Past With Lovely. Little Singer Kulfi 22 September 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 86


The episode started with Sikander seeing Kulfi and didn’t drink,Tony asked what’s the matter that you aren’t drinking, Sikander said just trying to quit, Tony said is it that you are upset that i am promoting Tevar, actually it was like i haven’t introduced anyone in the long run and he has that talent.

Sikander said no, you did a good, i told lovely it’s good to have competition,Tevar walked to him and said there isn’t any,all your songs are hit and mine just one,but what to do, Father in law found me late and hugged Tonny,RK walked in and said Tevar soon you will reach greater heights, how about a selfie and they took a picture.

Lovely asked Minti on call when did she meet Tevar,Minti said i don’t want to share any details with you,and why do you have interest in Tevar, what’s the matter with you, Lovely said Tevar is here singing for me when Sikander was going to,Minti said what, he is there, Lovely said don’t you know where your boyfriend is,Minti said i am coming right away,

Sikander was with dadi,they saw Tevar alone and asked is he alright,does he need anything,Tevar said all good, i would like to see your daughter, Sikander said sure here is my princess Amyra, Sikander was confused seeing Amyra and remembered Kulfis face, Sikander said Amyra look who is here to see you,Amyra was excited to see Tevar and said i am your fan,i like your song and I can rap like you too.

Tevar said you are better than me,Sikander saw Kulfi and thinks this boy is sardar so i took him as a girl and asked who is that guy, Sikander said Kulfi, very sweet boy and has a great voice, he called Kulfi and introduced him to Tevar, Tevar said he surprised me,full on desi,not like today’s kids, Tevar said Amyra you did these preparation,Amyra said yes i did all the shopping and diamond set too.

Tevar said only a princess can know the worth of diamonds and kulfi you,Kulfi said me and Sikander sir were but you, Sikander stopped Kulfi and said later,Amyra said shall i get you something to eat,Tevar said your voice is enough but i need some time with you,i want you to feed me that pastry please,Amyra then gave her hand to him,Tevar carried her and kissed her, Lovely said Amyra get down, this is not how you behave.

Amyra got down and Lovely left.
Kulfi saw Amyra and her friends playing, Sikander asked why aren’t you playing with them,Kulfi said no reason but why aren’t you with everyone, Sikander said no reason,go have something, Kulfi said i don’t feel like, Sikander said me too and they both ask for Lovely and said lets find her.

RK said Tony, this Tevar is great, he will kill everyone, Tony said Sikander, learn to rap too, Lovely said dad you love mustard sauce right, Tony said yes, Lovely poured it on his sandwich,Tony said this is too much, Lovely said this is the difference, Sikandar is fab but Tevar is like this sauce no one can too much of this, Tevar said she is so right and Sikander was in tears.

Tevar said sir no one can steal your magic, it’s yours, i agree with your wife, every word of it is right,your next album will be super hit and dropped a drink on his jacket, Sikander asked for tissues,Tevar said Lovely ma’am please show me the way to bathroom, Sikander said Lovely please escort him,

Mahinder said his music and heart are two different poles. Amyra was teaching her friends how to mimic Tevar,Kulfi tried but Amyra insulted her. Lovely showed Tevar the washroom but Tevar doesn’t let her leave,Lovely said what are you doing Guddu, Tevar said who is that, Tevar closed the door and said Guddu was that person whose love left him.

Lovely said this is my home,see who ever you are, my family is out, my daughter and husband are out,Tevar said i saw her,Lovely said why, are you going shout at me ,get angry,tevar said no, I am here for you, Lovely said your love isn’t here,I am Lovely Sikander now forget our past, Tevar said we will get back together.

Lovely said i have a daughter, please get away,Tevar said i will love you more than him and Amyra will be mine too,Lovely said i have moved on, you too do the same,Tevar said shut up, i haven’t and won’t leave without you.

Sikander sang for Lovely and Tevar sang next…Read more

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