Tevar Reveals His Secret Mission. Little Singer Kulfi 22 September 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 87


The Episode started with Lovely saying, i have moved on,Tevar said but i havent and will get everything back that belongs to me, Lovely then left. Tevar was then in tears. Sikander and Mahinder sang at the party, Tevar joined them in dance.Mahinder said Sikander c’mon sing a song for Lovely, Sikander said sure and sang for Lovely. Tevar kept drinking, Lovely hugged Sikander after he finished.Tevar started singing.

Kulfi joined the party but Amyra and her friend’s stopped her and ask where are you going,Kulfi said to sing for Lovely mom,Amyra said there’s not just my dad but other singers too and if you make mistake dad will be very angry,Kulfi said i won’t, Amyra said but you are unwell and we have to go look for your father too so we need you to be fit and fone and Kulfi said yes yes.

Amyra went and sat near Lovely, Mahinder said Sikander one more song, Sikander said you sing now, Mahinder said sure and sang,Tevar then sang next and Sikander praised him, Lovely held Sikanders hand and expressed her love through a song. Tevar then felt bad. Sikander asked Tevar to sing, Tevar said c’mon it’s your turn to express your love, Sikander said we keep doing that come on sing, Tevar said ok if you insist and he danced with Sikander.

Minti came to party and said how could you come here without me,you are my boyfriend and not hers,Tevar said c’mon you spoiled my surprise,Minti asked what surprise, Tevar said i came here to surprise you, where were you, anyways i am happy you are safe and hugged her. He said,you all know Minti,Minti there’s one more surprise,i bought a house for you here.

Minti said really,Tevar said so that you will stay close to your friend,Minti said you are the best, Tevar said go wish your friend,Minti said happy birthday Lovely, I would like to borrow Tevar, Sikander said sure you two look great together and keep coming,Tevar said we are going home,bye Ma and happy birthday Lovely,good night you all.

Lovely was thinking about Tevars words that Amyra is his daughter too,Kulfi walked to lovely and said i have nothing to gift you but i still have something,close your eyes, Lovely closed her eyes, everyone gathered around,Kulfi showed a slate written Ma on it and Lovely became emotional.
Sikander thanked Kulfi for helping him make a song and asked Kulfi what he wants,Kulfi said i don’t want anything except learning,i want to educate myself,mama always wanted to but mom ddidnt allow me too,if i could read and write,i could read my mother’s book, Sikander said sure, Kulfi asked him to teach her how to write Ma, Sikander taught and was in tears,Kulfi was very excited and thinks of Nimrat.

Lovely was in tears , Kulfi said i couldn’t write much but only this and it’s for you, may God give you a long long life, Lovely then hugged Kulfi,Amyra didn’t like it and thinks now my mom too, i have to find his dad.

precap :
Kulfi and Sikander sang for lovely, Lovely said stop i can’t hear it now and left…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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