Kulfi To Ruin Lovelyn’s Plan? Little Singer Kulfi 23 August 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 44



The episode started with Kulfi being tensed that her bag had gone missing and in the evening she has to go to the station, what will she answer to her uncle. The Male servant said that he thinks there is a ghost at home. Kulfi hugged Lovely and was scared with the word ghost. Lovely told the servant to shut up and find Kulfi’s bag.

Kulfi insisted to search for the bag with them and Lovely agreed and Kulfi run behind them. Lovely told Cutie that the whole plan is set. Cutie warned her once again but Lovely didn’t agree.

Lovely was sitting with Amairya’s test book and when Sikander entered the room, she executed her plan. She convinced Sikander to carry on with the plan, they both will join for dinner after she teaches her the lessons. Sikander agreed and went with the family. Amyra was upset to lie to her daddy. Lovely and Amyra were both twinning for the houseparty.

Lovely gave money to the servant (pretending to be Kulfi’s grandfather) to do timepass and then leave her at the station. Kulfi was happy and hugged Lovely. They spoke about the secret talk and Kulfi left. On the way she told farewell to shocked Amyra.

Amyra was very angry with her mother for pampering Kulfi but Lovely told her to stop fighting on silly matters and learn the lyrics of the song and Amyra left angrily.

Roshan Kumar and his wife Devika reached the house before the time. Lovely told her mom and dad to come up with refreshments and the dinner. Roshan told Devika that Amyra sings badly but he can’t refuse due to good relations with the family, but she can certainly reject as she isnt directly connected. Lovely came and they changed the topic.

Amairya threw the pendrive out of window and it landed up at Kulfi’s hand. Kulfi remembered Lovely recording her voice in it and went back again to give it to her.

She mistook Devika to be Lovely and gave her the pendrive and revealed that she got it from above and her voice was recorded in it. Lovely was completely blanked out for a moment but composed herself and lied to Devika.

Cutie locked Kulfi in a room to not create any further problem. Lovely was very angry with Amairya and asked her about the pendrive.

She lied that she had been searching for it a long time. Lovely handed her the pendrive but Amairya refused to lip sync on somebody else’s song…Read more